Republic of the Congo: Refugees’ Needs Overwhelm Missionary Hospital

Fighting in central Africa’s Democratic Republic of the Congo has forced some 77,000 refugees into northeastern Republic of the Congo since the end of October 2009.

Many of these refugees are now in the Likouala region where Pioneer Christian Hospital (PCH) is located. The hospital’s small medical team is reportedly overwhelmed by the great needs of the displaced, many of whom are wounded.

Dr. Joseph and Rebecca Harvey, with Global Outreach Mission, established the 50-bed mission hospital in January 2006 that partners with The Alliance and other missions agencies.

A number of short-term missions teams from Alliance churches have helped to build the 30-building facility that is situated on a 17-acre campus. The hospital is an integral part of the Congo missionary community.

What You Can Do

Pray that . . . 

  • The fighting in DRC will cease
  • God will protect and strengthen PCH’s staff workers
  • The hospital staff will have all of the supplies and wisdom needed to treat the wounded
  • Hospital workers can powerfully proclaim the love of Christ to those who seek help

Learn More

  • Check out our work in Republic of the Congo.   
  • Watch “First Steps into the Congo” [6:23]. This video depicts the journey of the five young missionaries who followed God’s Call to Africa in 1884
  • Read “FROM CABENDA TO MUKIMOIKA” in Alliance Life magazine. This piece is adapted from an article written by John A. Condit, published in the June 1885 issue of The Word, Work, and World


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