No Longer Hidden

By Heather Williams, serving in Cambodia

Editor’s Note: Heather and her husband, Jeff, teach at the Rural Ministry Training Center, a school for Christian youth who have been called to minister in rural churches. Students study the Bible along with courses such as health and community development. “Our goal is to see them truly come to know God and to learn skills they can take back to their home churches and pass on to others,” says Heather.

I must tell you about the young woman who is among our second-year students. When she first arrived at the Rural Ministry Training Center, she had not told any of her friends that she was a believer.

Once, she told a stranger sitting in the bus beside her that she was a Christian, but she cried when she related to me that she still had not told her friends. Fearing rejection, she didn’t dare. This issue has weighed heavily on her heart.

A Vivid Contrast

As she studied the Word of God and practiced teaching the Bible in our ministry groups, she began to see that faith in Christ is not something that can be kept hidden-it will have an effect on one’s life. With great joy, she shared in her recent sermon that during Christmas break, she was able to talk openly to her friends, and they now know what she believes.

With awe, she explained that if we believe in Jesus, our life should be so different that of course others will know. And she is so thankful that her friends were able to see this contrast in her own life.

Studying has not come easy for this student, but she has turned into a brave young woman who is working on doing some hard things. Pray for wisdom and continued courage for her.

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What You Can Do

Pray for boldness and courage for Cambodian believers, including those studying at the Rural Ministry Training Center.

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