Congolese Christians Reach Out to Haiti

By Jay and Beverly Bellamy

Jay and Beverly Bellamy teach at Christian Alliance Bible Institute (Institute Biblique de l’Alliance Chr√©tienne), located in Pointe-Noire, Republic of the Congo. The following is an adapted excerpt from the Bellamy’s February prayer update.

This past month we saw God at work in wonderful ways.

Immediately after we received reports of the earthquake in Haiti, our Alliance-supported Christian radio station in Pointe-Noire, Radio Sangu ya Mbote (“Radio Good News”), announced a prayer gathering for Christians to pray for Haiti. There was a tremendous response. Many came to plead for God’s mercy and help for a people whom they had never met.

The Poor Give out of their Need

We were touched to see how Pointe-Noire’s Christian musicians were moved to put on a concert-again, in conjunction with our radio station-to raise money to send help to the people of Haiti.

About $5,000 was raised at the concert, Sunday night, February 7. Several Pointe-Noire businesses donated to the cause; but about half of the amount was given by those who typically live on about $2 a day, wondering where their meals will come from and how they can provide for their own families.

To really understand the poverty here, you have to understand that the infrastructure is poor-even those with salaries spend a lot to buy clean water and treat health problems resulting from poor sanitation. Much of the time, most of Pointe-Noire’s population also lives without electricity, which complicates everything from lighting and fans to refrigeration and recharging cell phones.

It is amazing to us that people here were able to look past their own problems and reach out to others.

More Donations

Nicaise, the radio station director, is visiting other business owners in Pointe-Noire who have promised to add to the Haiti donations, so the final total could well be more than $5,000. Because of his good reputation, the government has also asked Nicaise to oversee the fund-raiser to ensure that the funds will all go to Haiti.

Pray that this project goes smoothly and that God will bring glory to Himself through this generous outpouring.

What You Can Do

  • Give to Alliance Great Commission Ministries to ensure that dedicated workers like the Bellamy’s can remain on the field doing cutting-edge ministry.
  • Staff workers and friends of Sangu ya Mbote Christian radio are seeking to raise some $9,000 to erect a new antenna tower that will enable the station to extend its vibrant ministry beyond Pointe-Noire into southern Republic of the Congo. You can make an online donation to this worthy project.¬†


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