First Fruit

Editor’s Note: Alliance international workers are pushing back the darkness in some of the hardest places on earth. Where religious and cultural practices typically prohibit traditional Alliance work and hinder nationals from seeking Jesus, God is revealing Himself through dreams and visions. One man was so troubled by his dream that he sought help from Alliance church leaders.

John* first heard about the international church while he was studying English at an Alliance multipurpose center located in a Middle Eastern city of 1 million people. The church, which was launched in September 2008, has seen steady growth with about 50 in attendance every week. For John and most of the local people who attend, it is the first time they have ever entered a church or experienced the joy of Christian fellowship.

John, a successful 30-year-old who owns several stores, began attending church on a regular basis. Then a disturbing a dream compelled him to seek help from church leaders. When an angel in his dream told him he was going to hell, John asked the angel, “Why? I’m a good person, and I own my own business.”

You are going there because you do not believe in this,” the angel said, holding up a cross.

John was deeply troubled and agreed to participate in a weekly Bible study. During the first session, he prayed to receive Jesus into his life. Since that time, he continues to attend the services and is being discipled.

One leader says, “Starting from zero, with no knowledge of Jesus Christ or the Spirit-filled life, John has a long way to go. But all of us are encouraged by John, the first fruit of this international church.” 

*Name changed


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