Chile Earthquake Recovery Continues

By Robert and Giselle Hepokoski, serving in Chile

Now the staggering task of recovery is apparent. Conservative estimates report that half a million homes have been destroyed or are unsafe for occupation. The cost for replacing and repairing hospitals and medical centers is estimated to be $3.6 billion dollars.

Bridges, schools, homes, and churches need to be rebuilt. Although the loss of life was minimal, the recovery task is enormous; government representatives are talking about years. Our new president, Sebastian Piera, will take office in just two days.

The Needs Are Desperate

Our Alliance people have given generously, and many churches from the north and south have sent truckloads of water, diapers, blankets, and food staples to the epicenter. CAMA (Compassion and Mercy Associates), the Alliance relief and development arm, has sent help as well. I will be traveling to the zone shortly with Bryon Butler of CAMA to assess the needs and plan for ongoing help to our churches.

These are days of great need and great opportunity in our churches of the central valley and coast. People are fearful, hurting, and uncertain. Sadly, our churches also are hurting. It is imperative that these churches be equipped as soon as possible to minister once again to the needs of their communities.

Please pray. Please give. Chile needs the Body of Christ in this hour of suffering.

What You Can Do

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Ten cents of every dollar given to this project will be divided between the CAMA Advance Fund and the Great Commission Fund to cover travel, administrative, and logistical costs of ministering to the needs of those affected by this disaster. As far as possible, the expressed preference of a donor will be respected and followed. In the event that this gift is oversubscribed, any remaining funds will be used for future disaster relief efforts.


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