From Darkness to Light

By Tim and Penny Iverson, reaching working-class Taiwanese for Christ

Editor’s Note: “In this south-central region of Taiwan near the western coast, Christians make up only 0.1 percent of the population,” write Tim and Penny. “YuanChang consists of several small villages with a total population of 32,000- yet it has only one small Christian congregation. This is one of the least-reached areas of Taiwan; and working-class people, like the majority of those living in our township, have been the hardest to reach with the gospel. It is a spiritually dark place.

“We are seeking to show God’s love in this community through teaching English in the public schools and through our coffeehouse ministry, The Lighthouse.” The following excerpt from the Inversons’ prayer letter conveys the joys and challenges of ministry in this region.

Great news—Tasha accepted Christ last weekend!

We have often sensed in Tasha a softness toward the gospel, but finding time in her busy schedule was a challenge. So Saturday’s meeting came as a surprise. Penny and members of a team from one of our Taipei Alliance churches went to visit Tasha’s brother. He wasn’t home, but Tasha was there. She had been reading the Bible, listening to Christian music, and even praying, but she felt her prayers weren’t being answered.

The truth is, Tasha was drawn to Jesus but had little understanding of what it meant to be a Christ-follower. Once we shared with her, her response was quick and genuine—and she prayed to receive Christ.

“I Want to Be Like Mommy”

Amy, a recent follower of Jesus, is preparing for baptism on March 28. This past weekend was the Chinese Lantern Festival, and part of the celebration involves traditional worship. Amy’s mother-in-law was preparing to worship. As a Christian, Amy does not worship in the festival, but as a loving daughter-in-law, she helps prepare for it.

As her mother-in-law counted out incense sticks for each person in the family, Amy’s young son, Frank, said, “Grandma, you are one incense stick short.” His grandmother replied, “No, your mother doesn’t need one any more. She believes in Jesus now.” To this, Frank said, “Then don’t prepare one for me either, Grandma. I want to be like Mommy.”

Encouragement amid Challenges

This little interchange was a tremendous encouragement to Amy. In this culture, opposition from parents and in-laws is often one of the biggest challenges new believers face. For Amy’s 83-year-old mother-in-law to accept and even support Amy’s decision to follow Christ is a huge blessing. Young Frank’s response is encouraging too, though Amy was relieved that her husband did not hear Frank’s comment. Although the boy’s father does not oppose Amy’s faith, he does not want her to influence their only son to leave his traditional religion.

It’s exciting for us to be part of Tasha’s and Amy’s stories-but you are also a part as you pray for us and support us through giving to the Great Commission Fund. Thank you for joining in our ministry!

Thank you for praying for us and the people of YuanChang Township.

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 What You Can Do

Pray  . . .

Tasha’s schedule is incredibly busy. Pray that Tasha will make it a priority to spend time with God and with His people. Also, pray for Tasha as she faces the challenge of her family’s reaction to her decision.

Pray for that God’s Spirit will reveal the truth of the gospel to Amy’s husband; for Amy’s mother-in-law to turn from the darkness of idol worship to put her trust in Jesus; and that Frank will continue to be drawn to his mother’s God.

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