An Update from the Western Front

liberdaBy Brent Liberda, serving with The Alliance in Mongolia

Brent traveled with a four-man assessment team to Hovd (in western Mongolia) March 23-30 on behalf of Compassion and Mercy Associates (CAMA), the relief and development arm of the C&MA. In the wake of Mongolia’s worst winter in some 20 years, he and Suhee (Brent’s former language teacher) went to help meet the needs in Suhee’s hometown, Zereg. The following is an adapted excerpt from Brent’s trip update.  

Aside from a few flight ticket and delay issues, travel to Hovd Aimag* was safe and successful for all involved. Suhee and I were able to direct relief and assistance funds in Zereg Sum* to benefit the needs of all residents, including distant herding families living furthest from the Sum center.

Winter’s Severe Effects

Some areas experienced much greater effects from the harsh winter; other places were more affected by several years of ongoing drought. Passing through rural areas between Zereg and Chandmaan Sum we saw many dead livestock in the fields and piles of them in a “landfill” west of Chandmaan.  

Jeremy (CAMA) and Dawaa (a Mongolian pastor/CAMA worker in Darhan) established many good relational connections, particularly in the communities around Hovd that are home to a large ethnic group in Mongolia. They were able to gather good information about the conditions as well as the thoughts and desires of this people group. The trip laid a good foundation for ministry plans and strategies to pursue when the Fields and Lain families relocate to the area this summer to begin ministry.

Prayer Needs

This trip was a good opportunity to provide assistance to those in need and to learn more about Mongolian life and culture. I was able to meet several Mongolians who are prominent leaders in the arts, culture, politics, and religion. I came away with a strong sense that Buddhism seems to be strong and growing, especially among those in positions of power and influence. Alongside this official religion, the lives of most are marked by the many small signs that accompany an ancient animistic religion that reveres land and sky as godlike entities.

Thanks for praying for our safety and success on this trip. Continue to pray for the people of Mongolia, that they will come to know their creator and that they will know Him as the one who will meet all their needs, “according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:19).   

For more about Alliance outreach efforts to those in need in Mongolia, watch the video, “A Two-Handed Gospel[duration, 4:14].

*An “Aimag” is similar to a state in the United States, and a “Sum” is an Aimag subdivision, similar to a county.

What You Can Do

Donate to Western Mongolia outreach efforts.

Learn More

Read the article “Mongolian Winter Worst in Two Decades” for more about the dire situation.


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