Mali Milestones

hospitalBy Bob and Becky Braafhart

Serving at Koutiala Hospital in Mali, West Africa

The following is an excerpt from the Braafharts‘ recent newsletter.

We’ve heard it said, “I don’t mind change-I just don’t like to be there when it happens.” That person wouldn’t like it here in Koutiala. Not only are the buildings going up at an amazing pace, but the hospital’s functions also are changing. Ecclesiastes 3:1 tells us that  “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heaven.”

In April, our consultation, lab, pharmacy, and medical offices were moved to the new building. Sure, there were some problems to resolve, but it all happened with relative ease. Patients and staff seem to feel right at home in the new building. Praise the Lord!

Pediatrics (peds) also moved to two large wards in the pediatric building. (The peds building has been here for a long time, but because of staffing issues it wasn’t able to be opened until now.) Because we are still limited on Malian staff, the services are limited. Please continue to pray for more staff workers.

Yes, there were some revisions to be made. Yet with God’s help, and with the great team He has given us, this transition has played out well. We are well over 50 beds at this time, between maternity and peds, and 10 more beds have been ordered.

Not only will pediatrics be able to expand as staff workers becomes available, but it will also allow more space in the existing maternity and sick patient wards during malaria season June-November.

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Read “One Million . . . and One,” by Brent MacLean, MD, in alife’s March 2010 issue, to learn more about malaria’s devastation in Mali.

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