Vision for Pikine

senegalBy Brian and Michelle Davis, serving in Senegal

The following is an adapted excerpt from the Davis family’s May 2010 update.

We moved into this neighborhood last year because we feel that God has called us to live and minister among the poor and marginalized of Saint Louis, Senegal, alongside the Yoonu Njub (Way of Righteousness) Community Center. Since moving here, we are even more convinced of our calling-to see Pikine transformed and the Church grow.

During the past few months we have been asking God to show us more specifically how to best bring the gospel to the people in this poor neighborhood. We praise Him for answering our prayers.

Significant Needs

We, along with the Senegalese believers at Yoonu Njub, envision blessing this community in the areas of health and education. Both are significant needs here. By responding with Jesus’ compassion, we will establish credibility in the neighborhood that allows us to build relationships and seek out those with open hearts for the gospel.

Our vision is to see a vocational training program for young boys, since there are so many young men in this community without jobs or job skills. We envision a place to train young men to work with wood or metal, to do tailoring or cut hair, etc. And hear about the life-giving message of Christ.

We are asking for your help to bring lasting transformation for the people in Pikine and for God’s leading in this future ministry. We cannot move forward without the direction and power of our Almighty God. It is the power of Christ alone that can bring change to the people in this neighborhood.

We are living a grand adventure here in Senegal as we are privileged to bring the message of the gospel, light and hope for a dry and dark country. We wait with anticipation for the great things that God will do here in Pikine, not because of us, but because of who He is. And we thank you for being on this adventure with us.

What You Can Do

  • Join with the Davises in praying regularly for Pikine, that the Lord would transform many lives and that His name would be glorified.
  • Donations to Alliance Great Commission Ministries ensures that robust, cutting-edge ministry-like the new work in Pikine-continues around the world.

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