“Explosive Opportunities”

By Timothy Stephenson, a friend of the Koutiala Hospital for Women and Children

Editor’s note: In May 2006, The Alliance founded the Koutiala Hospital for Women and Children in southeastern Mali-a country Save the Children has rated one of the worst in the world to be a mother or child. Four years since the hospital’s opening, exciting developments continue, says Tim-executive director of the Legacy Foundation at Shell Point, Fort Myers, Fla.-in this adaptation of his May 2010 report.

Women who come to Koutiala have such varied health issues, the staff is constantly challenged. Although much of the care focuses on women’s reproductive needs, ministry extends well beyond that discipline. The ebb and flow of baby deliveries gives our medical workers opportunity to also increase the numbers and types of surgeries performed.  

A year or so ago, Dr. John Gilliland and his wife, a medical/dental technologist, spent some time working at the hospital. Dr. John is an obstetrics/gynecology specialist who helps women struggling to have children.

Birth of New Staff

Dr. Dan Nesselroade was greatly impressed with Dr. Gilliland’s God-given gifts-he handled complicated deliveries, teaching moments, and the staff, all with great skill. He also spoke the French he learned in high school. When Dr. Dan conferred with Dr. John about his unique preparation, which suited him to be on a medical missions team like Koutiala’s, he learned that God had been at work. The Gillilands were already sensing His call to the hospital.

Dr. Gilliland and his wife-who spent most of her time during their visit attending to the dental needs of the hospital staff-returned home to northern California with a strong desire to sell their practice and move to Koutiala. Subsequently, they have received support funding from the American Baptist denomination to join the Koutiala Hospital ministry. Now in Albertville, France for additional language training, the Gillilands are scheduled to deploy to Koutiala in early 2011. 

Hoped-for Residency Program 

We have strong hopes that a U.S.-approved residency program in obstetrics/gynecology can begin at the hospital in 2011, certified through Loma Linda University in California. Provision of two board certified, trained doctors in obstetrics/gynecology required to lead a resident training program in this field is added confirmation of God’s long-term plan.  

When preparations and staffing can be done, a needed nursing school will likely begin, thus providing a flow of nurses and medical technicians to serve the hospital and other medical clinics. Due to the height and size of the third wing of the new hospital building, there is extra space to allow for classrooms and teaching facilities to support the prospective nursing school and training of residents in obstetrics/gynecology. 

Truly, this hospital is extending its impact far beyond the city of Koutiala. 

What You Can Do

“We depend on your prayers for the team as well as your financial support of the ministry,” says Tim. Your gifts to Alliance Great Commission Ministries enable powerful ministry to continue at the hospital in Mali and around the world. 

Learn More

Check out our work in Mali.

Read an update about the recent building expansion at the hospital.


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