Where Is God?

By Don Kramer, serving in Taiwan

“When you go to the United States, you will take your god with you.”

While passing by a friend’s home on the way to the office, I noticed another friend whom I hadn’t seen in a while drinking tea. I had just returned home from being away on business and really wanted to get back to my routine. But it was good that I stopped.

These two men, who have shown previous interest in spiritual matters, were there along with one man’s wife. In the course of the conversation, they began talking about my plans to leave Taiwan to take our sons back to the USA for college—and taking my God with me.

One man said he could see that God was with me. So, we immediately began a lively discussion of where God is. The men could not comprehend how God could be everywhere, unlike their gods, whom one must go to visit or carry around. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see the wife nod her head as if to say, “That makes more sense.”

Here, There, and Everywhere

We talked of how God was there with us, or out in the fields, and how we could talk with Him in the car, in the air, on a boat, in the USA, or anywhere in the world. It seemed unbelievable to them, but I trust the Lord to help them understand and long for such a God.

“Why would I want to trust in a limited god?” I insinuated. I told them they could trust God, too.

“But there are no feelings this way,” they said. I briefly agreed that feelings can be good and God sometimes gives us special feelings, but truth and reality are more important [than feelings]. Truth doesn’t change.

Please pray that the seeds of the gospel will grow, protected from Satan and the cares of this life—of which these people have many. May they see God for who He is rather than for what they hope to get from a god, and may they follow Him with all their hearts, souls, mind, and strength.

Pray that Rachel and I will always be ready to obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit, even when it doesn’t fit into our timing. I am glad that I did!

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