“I Want to Know Jesus”

By Barry Jordan, serving in Indonesia

Every Friday before going to my Team Joshua youth service in Abepura, I stop and have a meal at Pizza Hut. Twenty years in Papua without a Pizza Hut has built up a big vacuum in me that I hope to refill someday. Recently, one of the workers there, Krista, approached the table where I and four of the young people were eating. She asked what church I go to.

I didn’t think she really wanted to know what church I went to any more than John’s disciples really wanted to know where Jesus was sleeping.

Like Jesus, I said, “Come and see,” which, translated into the vernacular, comes out, “Here is my cell number.” In a text message, I told Krista that she looked like she had a burden and asked if she wanted to talk. She wrote back that she had many burdens and would love to talk.

Last Tuesday, on her day off, Krista came to our house. She did have many burdens. Her dad had died when she was eight months old, and her mother sent her to be raised by her grandmother and uncles. She had never really known the love of a mom and dad or the spiritual discipleship that goes with a family. I asked Krista if Patty and I could be her mom and dad. After the hugs and tears, we asked our new daughter what she wanted, and she said, “I want to know Jesus.”

It just doesn’t get any better than that. Praise the Lord with us for the eternal blessing of seeing a lost sheep come to the Shepherd. God is so amazing!

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