I Await (J’attends): An Advent Poem

“Written by Pastor Michel Wagner of the Reformed Church of France, I found this [poem] moving and familiar, as we find ourselves-as many do-waiting,” writes an Alliance worker. “Perhaps we await physical or emotional healing, wisdom for a particularly difficult situation, joy and purpose that seem to have disappeared, or the salvation of a loved one. I challenge you to consider ways in which God has already fulfilled those needs, perhaps in ways or through people you didn’t expect. He IS Emmanuel; He has already come. And He is coming again!”


I Await (J’attends)

I await.
I await the wind that brings tomorrow.
I await the Messiah once foretold.
I await His comfort in our sorrow.

I await the dawn that lifts our flock,
The morning star that shines upon our way,
The promised child, who moves inside me now,
And the angel who will return to me my beloved.
I await.

In the twilight of our history,
I await the dawning of His reign.
I await the first plowshare forged from swords
And the marriage of peace and justice once again.

I await, in the coldness of the dawn,
The end of crisis and the spring of hope
In this new century.
I await.

And I, says the Lord, I await . . .
That you will wait no more!

I await the untangling of injustice’s thorns
And the dispersion of the fog of despair.
These I await by your hands of work and prayer.

You will hear my footsteps on this narrow path
And you will see that which, by faith, you await.
My peace be with you.

Translated by an Alliance worker


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