Proclaiming the One, True God

By Fungyee Lam, serving in Taiwan

The following is an adapted excerpt from Fungyee’s recent prayer update.

The city of Qidu is full of temples and people who worship idols every day. Praise God that through various means, we have gotten to know some of the people in the community. Every Tuesday afternoon, we have a beading class. Many women have been attending, and new people keep coming.

For the past year, we have been visiting these ladies in their homes and telling them about Jesus. However, sometimes it is discouraging because they have not yet wanted to receive Him as Savior. Why is it so hard? One reason is that most of these women practice ancestor worship. They believe that if they do not worship their ancestors, they will be cursed. The eldest son is the one who inherits the responsibility to worship ancestors, but the wife is the main person who handles all the worship. So, it takes a lot of courage for the wife to go against her husband’s wishes by accepting Christ. Pray that God will raise up Christian brothers to reach out to these husbands.

Every Wednesday afternoon, my coworkers and I have an art class for elementary school students. We share Bible stories during the first 20 minutes of class. These children do not have the freedom to come to church on Sunday. Even if they wanted to know more about Jesus, their parents would not let them to come. However, praise God that a few of these children started to come to our children’s gathering every Saturday two months ago. Pray that these children will change their behavior because of Jesus and that their parents will see their changed lives and realize that Jesus is the one, true God.

In addition to reaching out to women and children in the community, we have a few ladies, youth, and children who have been coming to Qidu Gospel Center for the past four to five years. Pray that these people will see Jesus Christ as the Lord of their lives, not just a small part of their lives. The youth and children are mostly from dysfunctional families and have not received love. Most have very low self-esteem and could not see a future for their lives. Praise God that recently, I have seen changes in these children. One of them wants to be an international worker in the future; the other wants to be a pastor. Pray that the youth and children will continue to grow in Christ, that they will really see God’s love and understand that each one of them is precious in His eyes.

We praise God that for the past few months, a woman came to the center and has been fervently seeking God. She had a hard life and realized that God has been calling her through her aunt and other people. Praise God that she was baptized this Christmas; pray for her spiritual growth.

Thank you again for your support and prayers for all these people—they really need God. We continuously ask Him to have mercy on them and take away the veil from the eyes so that they can see that He is the one, true God.

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