Bikes, Motorcycles, Taxi cabs, and BMWs

By Peggy Drake, RN, serving in Burkina Faso

It was an ordinary day at the clinic here in Bobo-Dioulasso. Around 10 a.m., I was between the waiting room and the pharmacy when I heard an old taxi pull up along with another much less noisy car.

I decided to walk out to the street, thinking someone in the taxi might need help getting into the clinic. To my surprise, the man in the taxi hopped out and went on into the waiting room. I then looked over and saw a beautiful black BMW! The driver, a well-dressed African woman, was looking straight at me and waving for me to come help her. Through the window, she explained that in the back seat was her neighbor, whom she had found crying and who had pled with her to please take her to the clinic.

“Please Pray for Me!”

When I opened the door, I realized that I knew this woman. She was a patient of ours! She looked up at me with tears streaming down her face and said: “Peggy, can you please pray for me!” That I can do, I thought!

This woman (we will call her Sali) is not a Christian but is of the majority religion here in Burkina. She told me that she had learned that her husband was in the United States with another wife and their children; he also had another wife and child in a different African country. She was obviously devastated. Sali told me that she was filled with sadness and fear when she was alone with her children in their family courtyard.

What a joy to be able to pray with this woman!

A few days later when I walked into the clinic, Sali was standing by the door. She came over and hugged me (this is not African, but she was so happy). She said that things were so much better in the courtyard and that her husband was now back and was being very kind to her. God is so good!

You see, it does not matter if people come to the clinic on foot, bicycles, motorcycles, or in taxis or BMWs. What does matter is that our patients learn about our Lord Jesus and see Him in us! That is why we are here—Living the Call together!

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