Christmas Opens Avenue of Ministry in National School

By Alliance international workers

Our three children, ages 6 to 11, attend a gated national school in the country where we serve. We try to include our boys in ministry as much as possible, and they have opened doors to reach people with the message of Jesus. Two Christmases ago, we invited the teachers from their school to a Christmas party in our home. A few faculty members came, and among them was the assistant principal. 

Our boys met them at the door and then took them around the house, pointing out the various decorations and explaining their meaning. They showed them the Nativity scene and told the story of Jesus’ birth; they explained how we use the Advent candles.

Having previously thought that Christmas was about Santa Claus, the assistant principal was enthralled. He came to us later that evening, saying, “Wow—I did not know Christmas had so much meaning. Our kids in school don’t know that this is what Christmas is all about. Would you put this presentation on a DVD for me?” After more dialogue, we discovered that he needed it in 36 hours and intended to show it to the entire student body and faculty on Christmas Day!

So our boys worked with their tutor to script this Christmas presentation for the entire school, narrating the DVD in the national language. It was played the following year as well. We can’t get into the gated school, but God made a way for the students to hear about Jesus through our children.  

What You Can Do

Pray for Alliance workers around the world.

Partner with Alliance workers to share the light of Christ—Immanuel—with those living in spiritual darkness. Be Light—give to the Great Commission Christmas offering!

*Look for the upcoming January 15 issue of alife, which includes stories about the impact of children’s ministries.



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