Wildfire Rages in Colorado Springs



COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.As of 8 a.m. Wednesday, June 27, a devastating wildfire in and around Colorado Springs, Colorado, has now consumed approximately 15,000 acres, with little hope of containment over the next several weeks.

Approximately 50 homes have been destroyed, along with the Flying W Ranch, one of Colorado Springs’ most beloved tourist attractions. The fire continues to rage toward more populated areas on the west side of the city and to the north into national forest lands.

Tens of thousands of Colorado Springs residents have been evacuated, some of whom are staff at the C&MA’s National Office. The office itself is within a few miles of the fire and could be expected to evacuate in the event that high winds will further fuel its advance. Front Range Alliance Church has been evacuated and lies dangerously close to the current fire line.

As yet, we have received no word of injuries, loss of life, or loss of property among Alliance people, although many Front Range Alliance attendees live in the area that is currently being devastated by the fire.

Please pray:

  1. That God will calm the winds and send much needed rain over the entire state of Colorado, where 8 major wildfires continue to burn. Temperatures have hovered around 100 degrees, with no hope of relief or rain in site.
  2. Pray for the more than 1,000 firefighters who are battling the blaze and are likely near exhaustion.
  3. Pray for the people who have lost their homes and possessions. Pray that local churches will rise up and comfort these families with tangible acts of help and hope,
  4. Pray for God’s continued protection over Alliance people and property, particularly the Front Range Alliance Church.

Stay informed:

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