“Is This Where Those Christians Are From?”

By Peggy Drake, RN, serving in Burkina Faso, West Africa

Peggy serves at a clinic administered by ACCEDES, the relief and development arm of the national Alliance church in Burkina Faso.

“Is this where those Christians are from that are coming to my village?” the elderly man asked, thrusting his face into mine as I was leaving the clinic’s courtyard.

When I realized it was Ibrahima (Abraham), I was a little fearful.

He’s the village chief in the region where Alliance workers are partnering with Burkinabe pastors and U.S. short-term teams to bring the good news. Powerful spiritual forces are using every tactic to resist the Light of the World’s entrance into this region.


But I knew I had to speak the truth boldly: “Yes, this is one of the places. Christians run this clinic, and there are many churches here in town. Come in, and I’ll introduce you to some other believers.”

After several ACCEDES staff members greeted the chief, I ran to the storage unit behind the clinic. This is where we keep items to give to those in need. I returned with clothing, towels, and three head scarves—one for each of Ibrahima’s three wives.

Ibrahima listened intently when Jetty, our surgical nurse from Holland, spoke with him in Jula, the trade language in Burkina Faso. We also gave the chief medicine for his high blood pressure.

We have since learned that Alliance team members donated enough money for the chief to buy 10 bags of grain (1,000 kilos) to refill his granary after termites consumed his food supply. That gift was timely.

We’re in an extreme drought this year, and the grain is sustaining the chief’s extended family. Also, additional financial assistance from Alliance workers has enabled the Christians in Ibrahima’s village to dig a well for their community.

Kindness Speaks Volumes

As a result of these many acts of generosity, God has been working in Ibrahima’s heart—on several levels.

He was recently admitted to the hospital because of his high blood pressure, but he is doing better and continues to manage his condition with the medications we’ve provided. He has also offered heartfelt defense on behalf of the Christians in his village.

When a village leader demanded that new believers, recently led to Christ through Alliance people, give money to purchase animals for sacrifice to the village’s gods, the chief was emphatic. “No, they do not have to contribute!” he exclaimed.

To me, our work with Ibrahima is what the whole gospel to the whole world is all about! Please pray for him. Christians in his village say that he is close, so close to saying “yes” to the Lord!

What You Can Do


Pray that Ibrahima will soon become a follower of Christ and will have spiritual “descendants as numerous as the stars in the sky” (Hebrews 11:12). Pray also for Alliance workers to daily experience the Lord’s peace, wisdom, and strength as they interact with people who desperately need to meet the Savior.


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