A Different Way

Editor’s Note: When fire destroyed the Cape Cod Bible Alliance Church in Brewster, Massachusetts, on November 30, church members could not anticipate its effect on their community. Youth Pastor Derek Mansker reflects on God’s plan to build His Church.

Our hardship has clearly impacted the Brewster community, and the response has been overwhelming, not only from churches but also from local groups. The fire chief told me that this is a huge loss to the community. I guess it tells you that we do have an impact, even if it seems to go unnoticed at times. Especially now, people are paying attention.

Senior Pastor Myron Heckman and another man in the church visited the arsonist’s family members—they are devastated. The pastor shared the love of Jesus Christ with them and also expressed that love for their son, as well as the desire for him to know Jesus. If God allowed our church to burn down to save one soul, then wouldn’t we all say that was worth it? I think so.

The youth group made cookies and cupcakes to deliver to the six fire stations that responded to the call, giving us a chance to talk to many of the firemen who helped to extinguish the blaze. As a result of the connections we have made in the community, we are sharing Jesus with more people than we might have otherwise.

I do not know exactly what this means for the Kingdom of God, but I do know God’s ways are far different than we can expect. Perhaps to build His Church, He needed to burn this one.

One of God’s plans seems obvious in that people seem to have been awakened. Former members we haven’t seen in years have come to services the last two weeks. We have also seen some small disputes mended.

I guess when you stand next to a pile of rubble, it puts things in perspective.





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