God Is in It

The following was written by an Alliance worker who serves in a creative-access country. The worker and her husband oversee a team at an international church and a community center that has a coffee shop offering English classes.

My husband and I see God’s hand in every aspect of ministry. We celebrate the Holy Spirit as He draws people to Himself in this spiritually dark land. Recently, we held the first service in our international church’s new sanctuary. More than 100 people attended, and we rejoiced with a local woman who put her faith and trust in Jesus Christ.

A couple of weeks earlier, two high school boys approached my husband after the service and shared that they were interested in following Christ. When they returned the next week, one of the youth prayed aloud a prayer that he had written.

We also see the Holy Spirit at work in many of the center’s English students, who attend the church regularly. Recently, several of them met with a short-term missions team from a U.S. Alliance church that had come to assist us with ministry. One student told the group that he had been having dreams about Jesus during the past four years. Another said he felt like God was calling him to be a pastor. Both of these young men are not believers, but they are seeking.

Right on Schedule

God had worked through an unexpected situation to bring the short-term team members to us. After the cancellation of a trip to another country, the door opened for them to come here to help lead a retreat on inner healing for the largest national church in this region.

When the time came for the retreat, this church could not participate due to unforeseen circumstances. Accepting a last-minute invitation, Alliance church members from four other cities attended the retreat. Despite schedule adjustments for all involved, it was clear that God had orchestrated the time and the people who would worship together.

We knew one of the families that attended the retreat and enjoyed reconnecting with these courageous people who minister in their war-torn community. One son has completed training at an Alliance theological school and another currently attends the school. On the way to the retreat, their church van broke down, and the repairs were expensive. We were able to give them money to fix it through our Work Special fund. Thank you to those who give!

I am reminded again that God is in control of every delay, disappointment, and redirection. He has shown us that He is in every situation, regardless of the circumstances or the timing.


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