The Power of Practical Prayer

By Rachel Kramer, serving in Taiwan

Prayer is practical. A-Jen, a national believer, discovered this while cleaning out a pig sty with a power hose. The angle in which the pigs lay made it impossible for the water to flush out the dirt. 

At first A-Jen felt angry. Then she remembered to pray. “O Lord, could you make the pigs stand and move to the side so the water can flow down the center and get this cleaned up?” Within a minute or two, the pigs got up and moved to the side, allowing A-Jen to do her work.

What You Can Do


Pray that Alliance workers like Rachel Kramer will be able to do the work assigned to them by the Lord. Also, pray for God’s practical guidance for our workers in their varied responsibilities. Use the Weekly Alliance Prayer Requests to assist you in praying for our worldwide team.

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Read the story “Your Prayers Matter,” by Esther Schaeffer.


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