They’re Watching!

By Brian and Mika Reaser, serving with CAMA in Japan

Through the New Life Center (NLC), Alliance field workers and CAMA personnel are reaching out to the people of Ishinomaki, Japan, one of the hardest-hit areas of the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami. The following was adapted from the Reasers’ blog.

Have you ever wondered if people are actually watching the way you conduct yourself? Well, as our team found out recently, they are.

Not long ago Mika was speaking with Mr. K., an older man who lives in our neighborhood. Mr. K. recounted a conversation he had with another gentleman who had lived in our community before the tsunami. The man had been visiting the neighborhood and was resting in the park. There he saw Jill, one of our teammates, interacting with her children and our kids. He was surprised to see how peaceful she was in dealing with the youngsters—and that she did not raise her voice at them or speak harshly. Even when the play started to get rough, Jill remained calm and corrected the children graciously.

At first the man inferred that this must be an American way of dealing with children. However, after discussing his observation with Mr. K., they both came to a different conclusion. Apparently, Mr. K. had also heard Mika speak with our children. He noted that while she is Japanese, she too has a peaceful approach to child rearing. Therefore, the two men decided that the commonality must be Jill and Mika’s Christian faith!

We had no idea that our neighbors—and even people we have never met—are discussing such matters. Praise God that even child rearing can bear witness to Christ.

Please pray that God will give the team wisdom as we connect with people of various ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. As with any community, the needs are many and opportunities to share God’s love are diverse. We need His continued direction and guidance as we seek to walk alongside the people of this neighborhood in the way He has called us to.

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Join the Alliance family in praying for our international workers in Japan and worldwide, who daily share Christ’s light with those seeking truth. Use the Alliance Weekly Prayer Requests to assist you.

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Read about CAMA (Compassion and Mercy Associates), the relief and development arm of The Alliance.


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