Thai School Children Learn about Jesus

By Sue Danneker, serving in Thailand

The morning of December 25, 2013, finally arrived. Eight hundred children from kindergarten through ninth grade sat on mats in front of the outdoor stage that had been erected for us. One of the older boys dressed as Santa, with other children as elves and reindeer. We had anticipated this day since September when our neighbor, a second-grade teacher at the school, asked if we could come with a team and explain the true meaning of Christmas. The Mahapawn Living Water Church eagerly agreed.

Soon the deputy mayor arrived to officially open the program. He was accompanied by a camera man from the local cable TV channel. The boy dressed as Santa was given a signal, and he and his party ran through the crowd of children throwing candies, much to their delight. Then the school director took the podium. “This team from the Mahapawn Living Water Church has come this morning for three reasons,” he said. “They have come so that our students will have a better understanding of the Christian religion, know that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus, and have a chance to improve English skills.”

We began with a rap version of “Joy to the World,” using a mix of Thai and English. We continued the outreach for the next hour and a half with songs, games, a skit about the meaning of Christmas, and a challenge by Pastor Sukprasan. When Pastor Sukprasan asked who would be interested in the gift of salvation in Jesus, many hands flew up. He encouraged the interested students to read the literature we would be handing out and invited them to come to our church!

The deputy mayor presented our team with a gift of appreciation on behalf of the school. We in turn presented the school with several Bibles for the library. We gave each child a bag with candies, a Christmas story booklet, and children’s gospel literature. Students in grades seven to nine also received a Gideon’s New Testament. We gave each teacher a Thai-English Gideon New Testament and a JESUS film DVD.

As the children began their lunch rotations, booths were set up for them to enjoy fun activities and to interact with our team more personally.

An Amazing Opportunity

We praise God that three of the children from this school, a fourth grade boy and two sixth grade girls, came to our services the following Sunday. They were fascinated by everything—it was the first time they had ever been in a church. The children accompanied me to junior church. After the lesson and during the activity time, I asked the boy why he had come. “I want to know about Jesus!” he said.

Our church teenagers have embraced these new children and have continued to share with them about Jesus.

This was an amazing opportunity in a country where less than 1 percent of the population is Christian. Pray for these three children. They continue to come to church on Saturday and Sunday. Also, pray for each child and teacher who heard the gospel—that God will cause the seed that was planted to bear much fruit.

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Learn More

Read about another school outreach by the Dannekers and a short-term team in the article “Points of Light” in the October 15, 2013, issue of Alliance Life.


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