“A New Sister” and More Good News

By an Alliance global team member

Double-digit unemployment and underemployment are severe problems in north and central Asia; millions from this region have migrated to a European city to find work. An Alliance team has formed house churches to meet the holistic needs of these marginalized people—from one of the last unreached missions frontiers. The following is an adapted excerpt from a team member’s recent report.

migrant workerThis past month, we have seen God moving among a number of migrants we’ve met here.

Murray’s* story illustrates what we have envisioned for this ministry—north and central Asians empowered by the Holy Spirit and trained to take the Kingdom of God to their homelands.

Staying Strong

Murray came to faith more than a year ago and was baptized. I was privileged to disciple him for several months before he traveled back to his home country.

We didn’t hear much from him after he left, but a few weeks ago Murray returned to our city. He immediately called me to reconnect and arrived at our house church with wonderful news: while in the country of his birth, he said, his faith remained strong. And he was able to lead his wife, Anna, to Christ!

When Anna first heard of Murray’s conversion, she threatened to divorce him. But Murray said he was able to model his faith for her. When she was facing a difficult situation, he suggested that she read the Bible, which opened Anna’s heart to Jesus. Our hearts are rejoicing over this new sister!

Pray that Murray will find steady work and be able to attend house church regularly.


Speaking of church, our home group has been growing this past month. New people are attending weekly.

We now hold the meeting almost fully in the heart language of our migrant friends. During each meeting we tell a Bible story and discuss it.

Arnold continues to come faithfully, and a couple of believers who previously attended joined us recently. Several additional nonbelievers from English class also now attend, including John and Beck, whom we’ve prayed for over the years.

As you can imagine, with such a mixed group the conversations are lively. Our believing Asian friends have had good opportunities to share their faith.

Pray for wisdom to lead these seekers and that this small group will grow into a true church that bears the fruit of salvation. Pray also that God will prevent those from attending who are set upon divisiveness.

It’s about Allegiance

We have prayed against a spirit of unbelief among our migrant friends for quite a while. Yet even when they voice belief in all we share about Jesus, they still say: “I was born an M., and I will die one.”

Recently, God revealed to my wife in a dream that we are to pray against a spirit of false allegiance for those from this region. More daunting than the barrier of unbelief in Christ is a strong loyalty to their culture and a faith they may not understand—it’s not about doctrines but where their allegiance lies.

Please pray with us that north and central Asians will be set free to pledge true allegiance to Jesus.

*Names changed

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