Scattered papers and debris in the aftermath of the robbery at FATEAC.

Sunday night, August 30, thieves broke into West Africa Alliance Theological Seminary (FATEAC) in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa. Twelve office doors were smashed, cupboards ripped open, papers scattered, and recently installed computers—containing software for the new financial system—were stolen. The perpetrators also took phones and other personal items.

This would be a setback at any time, but on the heels of a substantial investment to upgrade our financial system, it is especially discouraging. However, we are thankful no physical injuries were sustained since no one from the school was present at the scene of the robbery.

How to Pray

Pray that God will provide for the ensuing needs and protect FATEAC from additional losses that might stem from secure information stored on the computer hard drives. In addition, pray for God to heal those traumatized by this event.

Also, pray for seminary President Dr. Coulibaly and his staff as they respond to this critical situation, work with local police, and trust God for His direction and resources as they prepare for the new school year. Finally, pray that our almighty God will use even this difficult time for His glory!

―By Laura Livingston and Deanna Harrison, serving with The Alliance at FATEAC, Abidjan, Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa


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Read “The Light in the Night,” Laura’s sidebar about the trauma healing ministry that follows Jeter Livingston’s (Laura’s husband) article, “Taking Missions to Heart,” in the March 2012 alife magazine.


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