Prominent Official Trusts in Jesus

Since her baptism in June, Mrs. Sivourn continues to live passionately for Christ, telling everyone she meets about Jesus. Already, she has led four people into God’s family, including her sister and some friends. And last month, she brought her husband, Mr. Thavaro, into the Kingdom.

After Sunday service, Mrs. Sivourn asked if I would pray with her husband to receive Christ. Considering his age—and in this culture sensitive to a woman’s role—I asked Mr. Chean, a leader from Living Water Church, to join me in praying for Mr. Thavaro.

First, we asked him about his background and motive for coming to Jesus. We learned that he is a prominent figure in the Cambodian government with 30 years’ experience in the military and more than 300 soldiers under his command.

Having seen combat numerous times, Mr. Thavaro encountered many dangers, but God consistently kept him safe. Because Buddhism is a state religion, Mr. Thavaro, as a leader, was required to encourage his men to seek spiritual counseling from Buddhist priests or monks, especially before going into battle.

“I only did it out of duty,” Mr. Thavaro said. “I never had any strong feelings for Buddhism.”

The True and Living God

A few years ago, a friend introduced him to Jesus. Mr. Thavaro was immediately interested. But he kept this to himself.

He soon began to ponder in his heart about this new God, Jesus. During the next few years, when he found himself in difficult circumstances, Mr. Thavaro often called on the name of Jesus for help.

“And Preah Yea-sue (Jesus) always seemed to show up every time I needed Him,” Mr. Thavaro told us. He added that he has experienced several miraculous incidents in his life.

On that Sunday afternoon sitting across from him, I asked him one last question. “So, why do you want to give your life to Jesus?”

He sat up straight and looked directly into my eyes. “I believe with all my heart that Jesus is the one, true, and living God,” he said. “And I want to be part of His family.”

After we prayed for him, Mr. Thavaro asked many penetrating questions, especially regarding his role as a new Christian serving in the military. We answered him to the best of our knowledge and encouraged him to keep in touch with us.

Since he already has a Bible, we told him where to begin reading and encouraged him to spend time with God through daily studying and praying.

Please pray for Mr. Thavaro to remain faithful to God and receive the wisdom he needs in his military role.

—by Syna Lao, serving in Cambodia with her husband, Soeuth


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