School Buzz in Senegal

School has started!

A God-sized task that has seemed overwhelming is finally taking shape. A year ago, we had an unfinished building and a big, unfulfilled dream to begin a school for boys.

Part of our desire has been to provide the many street boys in our city with a trade that enables them to escape a spiritually dark religious system that requires them to live in forced poverty, begging for alms.

Basse, the director of children's ministries for Yoonu Njub Fellowship, prepares for the school's opening. (Photo courtesy of an Alliance worker)
The other half of our dream is to provide trades for young believers, who are marginalized in the job market because of their choice to leave this region’s predominant religion. We want to train these youth to take the gospel into other parts of Africa that are closed to us. Equipped with a vocational skill, they can go and make disciples while supporting themselves and their families.

Our dream is larger than our abilities and resources but to have come as far as we have is a miracle. None of us have ever started a school, but God made it happen.

On Monday, October 20, six students arrived at our boys’ vocational center here in northwest Senegal to begin a new auto mechanics course. Several of our church and Alliance team members are teaching Bible, French, and literacy classes. Basse, a former street boy, now the children’s ministries director for Yoonu Njub Fellowship, is translating the lessons from French into the local language.

Please pray for our school ministry. We want to start small since we have no director and just one vocational instructor, but in the future we would like to add instructors to offer courses in welding and carpentry.

Multipurpose Venue

Local street boys receive weekly wound care at the center. (Photo courtesy of an Alliance worker)
Along with the new course in auto mechanics, we sponsor a number of additional activities at the center to demonstrate God’s love to this community. Every night the facility is crammed with kids who come to play and hear stories about our loving Heavenly Father. Our girls’ vocational school students display their crafts and use the center for large ceremonies.

On many Thursdays (their day off from studies in the predominant religion), the street boys arrive at the center for breakfast and wound care (as needed), play games, and hear Bible stories. We often recognize these boys around town, and they greet us enthusiastically.

Sharing the Good News

An awakening is taking place among our Yoonu Njub (Way of Righteousness) Fellowship brothers and sisters with whom we partner; there is a new urgency to share the good news. Youth from our church use the rooftop sports area and the basketball court for play and meetings. Our church also has a reading room through which community members learn about the gospel and obtain resources to assist in their studies.

One of the fathers from the community, who recently registered his son for the auto mechanics class, spent several minutes thanking my husband for all that the Yoonu Njub has done for the local people. We praise God for the privilege we have to partner with such a dedicated group of believers.

—Based on reports from an Alliance international worker serving in Senegal


  • “Please pray. We still need more equipment and financing—at least one car engine and a vehicle for various labs and practical application,” the author adds. “We also need more personnel who are trained to teach language, literacy, and the vocational courses we plan to offer in the future.”
  • Join the Alliance family in praying for our international workers in West Africa and worldwide, who are taking the good news to some of the most spiritually dark places on earth. Use the Alliance Prayer Requests to assist you.


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Learn More

  • Read “Watering the Neighbor’s Garden” in the October 15 issue of Alliance Life magazine, which describes additional innovative ministries Yoonu Njub Fellowship provides, “allowing us to build relationships and find those with open hearts to the gospel,” says Brian, the Alliance team lead.
  • Check out our work in Senegal.


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