Burkina President Resigns

Update 10/31/2014: As reported by BBC News earlier today, Burkina Faso’s President Blaise Compaore has announced his resignation, following violent protests at his attempt to extend his 27-year rule. Compaore issued a statement saying the presidency was now vacant and urging elections within 90 days. Military chief Gen. Honore Traore said he has taken over as head of state “in line with constitutional measures.”

One Alliance worker in Bobo-Dioulasso has been appointed warden for U.S. citizens in that area. He reports, “We are all OK here. No one has suffered any injury to themselves or their property. The church vice president has told us that there is also no damage to any church property or leaders in Ouaga or in Bobo. People are encouraged by the opposition to stay ‘on the streets’ until the president gives up power. They are determined.”

An Alliance Envision couple in Ouagadougou sent the following update this morning:

We had to take our team to the airport. Roads were strewn with debris, large rocks, even tree stumps still smoldering. But everyone was driving around like life is normal. We left the team all checked in, and they got through security, relieved and ready to get home. We can’t blame them for sure.

Our team that was to come in tonight canceled, and we think that was wise as we just don’t know what will happen. The days ahead will tell us all a lot.

Many shops are still not open today. They have heavy bars across their doors with large padlocks securing them. Some smaller roadside boutiques were open. Bingo, my main grocery store, was locked up tight. Wonderful Life had its windows broken in and had been robbed. We saw two Coris Banks that had been broken into with shattered windows and papers all over the place in front of them.

Our airport contact says all night flights are going to be changed to day flights due to curfew. They say the curfew could remain intact for up to a month. Air France tonight is now coming in tomorrow morning and leaving about 11 a.m., like it did today. Airport is in good shape, not looted. It is so hard to believe how much happened in one day and how calm it can seem today. The thing to watch for is if it springs up again. Thank you for your continued prayers.


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