“I Am Going to Heaven!”

Based on an update by Soeuth and Syna Lao, serving in Cambodia

Sixteen soccer players recently gave their lives to Jesus at the Living Water Church (Alliance) in Poipet, Cambodia. The teens come to the church to play sports and have been meeting with Soeuth Lao, an Alliance international worker and church planter, to learn about the names of God.

The classes started after one of the kids—who happened to be holding a baby named Alpha—asked the meaning of the word. Several other players stood nearby, listening to Soeuth’s description of Jesus as the Alpha and Omega.

“There are many other amazing words in the Bible, all describing the nature and character of God,” Soeuth said, and he listed several more.

“That is so cool!” one of the youth blurted out. “I want to know more of these words.” The others said that they too would like to learn them. Soeuth offered to meet with them regularly to teach them.

During the third session, Soeuth asked the kids, “Since God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, what happens in between?”

One of the boys, Gideon—known for being shy and quiet—slowly stood up and said that we are living in the time between the Alpha and the Omega. “One day, God will come to take us to heaven,” he added.

An Open Door for the Message

Seeing an opportunity to present the gospel, Soeuth went on to explain the plan of salvation.

When he had finished, he asked, “So, how can we be accepted into heaven? Will doing good deeds or being a good enough person ensure that we can enter heaven?” A few of the youth nodded, but many were silent, as if deep in thought.

A few seconds passed, and Soeuth repeated the question. Suddenly, all of them said in unison, “The only way to heaven is through believing in Jesus!”

Soeuth asked the youth if they believed in Him. The class shouted, “Yes!” He then invited the players to make Jesus Lord and Savior of their hearts. They rushed out of the room while singing, “I am going to heaven!”

Future Ministry Opportunity

Pray for the students’ ongoing discipleship. They faithfully attend church and sit in the front rows each week. Their coach, Makara, also a believer, is being mentored by Soeuth and is attending a leadership training course taught by Soeuth’s wife, Syna.

“Please pray for courage and boldness for Makara as he teaches these kids,” Syna requested. Because many of them come from unbelieving families, the boys have been walking or biking to church. So far, there has been no opposition from parents; pray that this will continue to be the case.

“Since God is opening the door for a soccer ministry, we are looking into investing in some potential key leaders who have indicated a commitment to reach out to community kids through a sports ministry,” Syna added. The Laos hope to send representatives from the Khmer Evangelical Church (KEC, The Alliance in Cambodia) to the Indonesia field, which has a thriving soccer ministry, to receive better training.

“This will be a long process that requires much prayer,” said Syna. Specifically, pray for financial provision and logistics for this undertaking.


Join the Alliance family in praying for our workers in Poipet, Cambodia—and worldwide—who are taking the good news to people with little access to the gospel. Use the Alliance Prayer Requests to assist you.


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