A Jesus Peoples’ Orchestra

By an international worker serving in a creative-access country

Our team never ceases to be amazed by how God orchestrates events to connect the lost with His people.

One evening last summer my husband, Bill,* was at the metro and saw a young man from the North and Central Asia (NCA) Region, who was sitting alone on a bench. He felt led to approach him, and they struck up a conversation.

Bill learned that Otto* had been struggling to find a job after moving to our city from his home country, so Bill bought him dinner. The two have since met and talked often.

An Invitation

Glory attended our women’s outreach, a regular event that includes dinner, making a craft, and a NCA woman’s testimony. Photo courtesy of an Alliance international worker

Recently, Bill suggested that Otto get some medical attention at a free clinic with which we partner. Otto came to the clinic with his girlfriend, Glory.* One of our teammates was there and invited her to an upcoming women’s outreach at our apartment.

Glory joined us for the event and was clearly thrilled to be there. She told us that in her home country she had twice attended a group composed of “Jesus people,” who had given her a Bible in her own language. She was drawn to the joy and warmth of those believers.

No Coincidence

Since moving to our city last summer, Glory said that she had been hoping to find more believers who could help her learn about Jesus. She was amazed to find in our home exactly what she’d been looking for.

During that weekend, we observed Glory drinking in the testimony of one woman who just “happened” to be from her people group.

The following week I met with Glory. Since she is somewhat ostracized in her culture because she is divorced, I shared with her the story of the woman at the well (see John 4).

Although she had many fears, questions, and gaps in understanding about Christianity, I could discern that some seeds of true faith had been planted in her while she was in her home country.

“It seems like something is missing in my heart,” she said to me. “What do you think it is?” I shared with her the good news of Jesus.

Since then, I’ve had a couple of in-depth discipleship meetings with Glory. She is hungry to learn what it means to follow Him. Praise God for her seeking heart and how He connected her with us through a “chance” encounter at the metro!

Join the Orchestra

God is orchestrating events in your life as well, bringing people across your path He wants you to affect for His Kingdom. It could be a coworker, family member, neighbor, or an employee at a store that you frequent. It may be a Syrian refugee family moving into your neighborhood.

Connecting with the people God brings across our path does cost something—time, money, or, at the least, convenience. Our comfort zones are stretched. But being a member of the He-Who-Sees-the-Needs-Of-the-Whole-World Orchestra is worth the cost and the stretch.

*names changed


Glory recently told me that Otto is opposing her pursuit of Christianity. Pray for Glory to become deeply rooted in her faith and a strong witness to Otto. Pray for his salvation and for wise guidance in their relationship.

Learn More

When Paths Cross Twice” is another story about God orchestrating events to connect a couple who doesn’t know Him with those who do.

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