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Why I Live in West Africa

A young man’s hostility toward Christianity is softening because of Alliance workers who consistently love him and proclaim Jesus’ grace and truth.

Bhutanese Refugee Turned U.S. Church Planter

Even those who don’t attend the church know it is a place where people love and help each other.

Bringing the Gospel to Syrians in Pittsburgh

God has shown me that these people are special to Him. They are lost and need to be found so they can hear God’s truth.

Ode to a Valentine

A deeply devoted couple points to an even greater love

Jude’s Two Baptisms

An Alliance missionary’s visit to a Burkinabè village changes the direction of a young man’s life, who has been recently baptized into the occult.

We Hear Your Story

Girls in West Africa are vulnerable to early pregnancy and sexual abuse, hard issues an Alliance outreach addressed while offering a safe place for girls’ voices to be heard.

Accidental Evangelism

“I had decided this was going to be my ‘me’ space. I wasn’t even going to think about what I was ‘supposed’ to do as a good missionary.”

The Church of Misfit Toys

“I know I should be dead,” Pastor Myron says. “But I’m a living example of how when you accept the free grace of God, everybody wins.”

William Peter Robinson

Shouting, “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Jesus is victor! Jesus! Jesus!” he passed over the line of time to be with his Lord forever.

John D. Bell

His humble and sacrificial life is an example and heritage to those who follow.


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