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The Spiritual Greening of Spain

“Most Spaniards don’t come to the Lord that easily, but Javier had hit bottom, and God was at work in his life.”

Thank You for Loving Us

Six followers of West Africa’s majority religion are embracing the good news of Jesus.

My Life as a Medical Missionary

Today our clinic provides 24-hour emergency care, outpatient care with nine different specialties, inpatient acute care, and surgical care.

Hospitality: A Key to Conversion

An Alliance worker shares how a gospel-resistant community has responded to visits in her home.

“Shop the Grove” at Mahaffey Camp

Churches donate a wide variety of items for the international workers to “shop the Grove” and use while on home assignment or to take back to the field.

Don’t Give Up on Praying for the Lost

An Alliance worker is encouraged after years of sharing Jesus with a young West African man.

Lessons from a Lost Backpack

An international worker’s challenging return to West Africa is a tutorial on God’s faithfulness.

Indonesia Earthquake: The Alliance Response

After a devastating earthquake in Indonesia, CAMA Services is partnering with the local church to provide relief for those affected by this disaster.

Facing a New Future After the Fire

“Even more important than stopping the intense forward movement of those winds into Redding, now we need a strong movement of the Holy Spirit bringing Christ’s care and salvation into this new era.”

Celebrate a New Family Member!

An Alliance youth center in West Africa, where the majority religion controls all aspects of community and family life, has its first Jesus follower.


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