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8 Reasons to Attend Alliance Council 2019

(Hint: Skip to #8 if you want to cut to the chase.)

A Slight Breeze and an Open Door

Three men who took a vested interest in developing me as a leader

When, Then, Shall We Speak?

Four public discourse principles to employ when the media storm clouds roll in

Navigating Race Issues

Confronting anything amiss in the world around me is pointless without addressing what is amiss in my own heart first.

Disillusionment Opens Doors to the Gospel

“As we drank coffee together in the waiting room, Abu Mohammad excitedly told me that God had brought something good out of the sad news of his mother’s rapidly declining health.”

Releasing the Prisoners from Darkness

“Abe’s hometown was ravaged during wartime by soldiers who claimed to follow Christ. It’s a place where you can sense the blood-soaked ground crying for justice.”

Generational Discipleship

Pastor Benjamin taught me not only how to be a man but also, more importantly, how to be a man of God.

Good News for Kris

When his Buddhist family pressured him to stay away from church, Kris wasn’t sure what to do.

Four Men I Consider Heroes

By understanding the left-out history that blacks have had in Christianity, I now know I belong as a black Christian.


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