Tim Meier

Rev. Tim Meier and his wife, Rachel, have been an international workers in Paris, France, for four years. He is a pastor at Trinity International Church, leads the Catalyst ministry and helps facilitate young adult ministry in France. He loves to run marathons, to read, to play music and especially to play with his two little boys.

  • The Secret of Leadership Success

    Jan/Feb 2019

    Alliance Life

    How are we supposed to get stuff done if we’re always dying to ourselves and serving others?

  • More Than Rebellion

    July/Aug 2015

    Alliance Life

    In America we love statistics. When they’re working in our favor, they’re especially helpful. Then we have the recent Pew […]

  • City of the Light

    June 1, 2012

    Alliance Life

    Early in 2010, my wife, Rachel, and I had just arrived in the City of Lights after a quick change […]