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Alliance Council 2019 Tuesday

For the 115th time, the Alliance family gathers again for Council! I truly love it.

Disillusionment With Majority Religion Opens Doors to the Gospel

Changing view of God leads to multiplication of Christ’s disciples in the Middle East.

The Alliance Family Gathers for its 115th Council!

The time for Alliance 2019 is near!

Nets of Hope

Through Caleb’s Nets, countless lives on the edge of the Sahara Desert have been saved.

An Agnostic’s Invite Opens Doors to Share Jesus

Honest discussion encourages Asian students to explore their relationship with God.

Bongolo Hospital Needs You!

Pray for a steady supply of affordable medicines for this Alliance ministry that shares Jesus’ message of hope to thousands of desperate people each year.

Eyes to See

Our presence here is to live in authentic relationship with those God came to restore to Himself.

In the Land of the Rising Sun, a New Horizon

The emperor’s abdication represents an unprecedented opportunity for Christians in Japan.

Announcing A New Partner

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Colorado Springs, Colo. – The Alliance Purchasing Program, launched at Council 2015, provides Alliance districts, churches, […]

The Nyack School of Music Performs at Lincoln Center

The Nyack School of Music had the opportunity to perform an original arrangement of an A.B. Simpson hymn at Lincoln Center in New York City, New York, April 12.

National Day of Prayer 2019

Praying we would LOVE ONE ANOTHER in our Nation and in the Church

CAMA Responds to the Flooding in Indonesia

Your generosity enabled Alliance workers and churches in Indonesia to help those most affected by recent flooding in Indonesia.

When Helping Hurts

Helping others can bring lots of hurt. But if our Lord Jesus didn’t give up, neither should we.

Notre Dame: The Heart of France on Fire

As the heart of the city burned, the hearts of its people broke.

Simpson University News

The Alliance’s Simpson University receives recognition for its missions and nursing programs.