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The Orchard Foundation and The Alliance Development Fund, Inc. Are Now One Organization

The two long-standing, like-minded ministries are now doing business as one.

A Veterans Day Meditation

It is right to honor the men and women who have served in our nation’s military.

No Other Gods

“She wants to get rid of all the god stuff in her house. What should we do?”

The Day of Salvation

Mary couldn’t believe an all-powerful God would allow suffering and injustice and not do anything to stop it.

Mr. Kim Goes to Church

To be Thai is to be Buddhist. Attending a Christian church service is a big step outside the cultural norm.

“Do You Feel Safe?”

It was a conversation I never expected to have.

Alliance Churches Rush to the Aid of Panama City

Alliance churches and CAMA Services decide how best to address the dire needs of the community in Panama City, Florida, where a dozen Alliance families lost their homes.

Good News Arrives at “the Ends of the Earth”

An Alliance-affiliated hospital is spreading the good news into the deepest jungles of Africa.

Two Alliance Districts Prepare to Provide Relief after Hurricane Michael

Alliance leaders explain more details about the damage from Hurricane Michael and the initial relief efforts that will be taking place soon.

An Update from West Africa

The night a young man prays in Jesus’ name, he sees a man “bright as light” in his dream.

Celebrating Our Ministry Leaders

We are deeply grateful for your Christ-honoring service!

Update: The Alliance Response to Indonesia’s Recent Disasters

The prayers and generous gifts of the worldwide Alliance family are equipping our international workers, CAMA staff, and the Alliance church in Indonesia to meet the great needs of disaster victims in the island nation.

Two C&MA Districts Assess Initial Damage from Hurricane Michael

District leaders Alfredo Gutierrez and Phil Hagar report on damage to Alliance churches and homes.

Thunderstorms, Street Boys, and Sacred Wounds

Staff at an Alliance-affiliated vocational center are the hands and feet of Christ to abused young boys forced to study the area’s majority religion.

How to Raise a Pack of “Mama Bears”

An Alliance team’s care for West Africa’s marginalized girls have helped a local Christian community to see these girls through Jesus’ eyes.