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Father, Forgive Them

Following Jesus’ example to love through words and deeds of empathy and forgiveness

8×8 Joins the Alliance Purchasing Program

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Colorado Springs, Colo. – The Alliance Purchasing Program, launched at Council 2015, provides Alliance districts, churches, and […]

Texting with Jesus

Perhaps God arranged our meeting just in time to inject our Savior’s name into his life in a moment of crisis.

Crossing the Ocean to Hear the Gospel

“Do all these people believe in God?” asked Edmund, who had never been to church. “Will it insult them that I have my own beliefs?”

Free at Last

Alliance workers share how the gospel is releasing new believers from spiritually oppressive cultural practices.

“I Have My Life Back!”

A man whose friends had abandoned him receives his sight at Bongolo Hospital’s eye clinic.

Our Faithful Healer

“Christ’s healing presence surprised and invigorated everyone who experienced it and stirred a new interest in the things of God.”

No Wins for the Dark Side—Part 3

Miraculously, she walked out of the rubble unscathed.

No Wins for the Dark Side—Part 2

I had an image of the Father listening intently to this woman’s prayer and bursting with love for this little congregation.

No Wins for the Dark Side—Part 1

We have gone to prison twice . . . we can never turn our backs on Jesus!

Christ’s Love Unifies Competitors

Two Christian basketball teams reflect Jesus on and off the court.

Public Statement on Accusations Against Ravi Zacharias

Evidence does not provide basis for formal discipline under the C&MA policy.

Abandoned, Not Forgotten

It is a sight to see these youngsters experience the compassion of people who genuinely love them.

Overflowing with Jesus

Dave was walking through the Amtrak train tunnel when he saw a girl beating another girl with a metal rod as a group looked on.

Like Wildfire

A couple is spreading God’s fame among their people who have never known the name of Jesus.