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Thoughts from Tarin Kowt

By CDR Charles J. Anderson, Chaplain 22d Marine Expeditionary Unit/Task Force Linebacker Tarin Kowt, Afghanistan, is a remote area, accessible […]

The Blackhawks have Flown!

by Army Chaplain Erik Gramling On his second deployment, Chaplain Gramling accompanied his unit from Germany to Kuwait for 15 months, returning to […]

The Undiscovered Field

By FBOP Chaplain Carlos González Imagine this: You are called to become the pastor of a church in the town referred […]

Warrior for God

Reported by Army Chaplain Kevin Pies, written by Joan Phillips Gunfire. Roadside bombs. Mortar attacks. The soldiers with Alliance Chaplain […]

Tridents at Sea

By LCDR Val J. Jensen, Commander Submarine Group Ten Chaplain Recently, I went to sea on one of the 10 […]

Another 2 A.M. Phone Call

by Police Chaplain Paul Northcut As I rolled over to answer the ringing phone, I noted the time, 2 a.m. […]

The Best Medicine

Institutional Chaplain Don Mitchem   God has His own special ways of encouraging each one of us in whatever work He […]

A Pilot Meets the Lord

by Civil Air Patrol Chaplain Franklin Blodgett I was called by the Alaska Wing Civil Air Patrol Commander, requesting me […]

God Still Works Miracles

Institutional Chaplain Don Mitchem  Not too long ago I was doing patient visitation in one of our four Intensive Care areas. […]

Finding His Way to Jesus

by Police Chaplain Paul Northcut It was a beautiful spring day. I was visiting the folks at City Hall in […]


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