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Pray for Peoples of the World


Praying for peoples of the world who most lack access to the Gospel is a practical and effective way Alliance people can help fulfill the Great Commission.

Below are descriptions of seven people group clusters and listings of the specific groups within those clusters. Click on the name of individual people groups to learn about them and pray for their need of gospel access. See where the seven clusters are located on our Pray for Peoples Map. Purchase a set of cluster group Prayer Cards so you can pray on the go.

March 2018 Prayer Focus

Please join this month in praying for the Brahmin of India, focusing especially on the nearly 60 million highly under–reached Brahmin who live mainly in northern India. There are more than 50 distinct Brahmin people groups—“Brahmin” identifies members as one of India’s castes, a strict social hierarchy that once dictated legally backed privileges or a lack thereof within the larger society. Although they account for barely 5 percent of the Indian population, as a high (or “forward”) caste in this system, the Brahmin are highly influential. Pray that the true God will break through the veil that blinds this community. Pray also that Christians who live among the Brahmin of north India will present a compelling testimony of Christ. And intercede for individual Brahmins (some have believed!) to accurately preach and teach about Jesus Christ to their people.

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Historic Alliance Ministry and Today’s Alliance Partner Networks

When there is no gospel access within a people group of the world, it can only be provided by “outsiders” who care. As Alliance staff labor throughout the world, and as we pray, we can make significant progress in creating access to peoples who lack it. Our Pray for Peoples Map also highlights areas of historic Alliance ministry where outreach to peoples lacking access continues. This ongoing ministry is carried out today with partners from our Alliance family around the world, most of whom are part of the Alliance World Fellowship. In these areas, “insider” gospel access is now available through strong networks of indigenous churches who sustain witness inside their own people group, with many even multiplying that witness to other groups within their reach.

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