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The Alliance EquippingU

EquippingU is a collection of leadership tools designed specifically to equip Alliance pastors and leaders as they live spiritually healthy lives and successfully lead healthy C&MA churches.

EquippingU will help you to develop strong, vibrant churches that effectively reach diverse peoples in your community for Jesus. You will receive spiritual fuel to avoid burnout and proven safeguards to enable you to stand strong and lead well in the face of temptation.

Who is this for?

Every Alliance pastor and church leader is invited to participate in three equipping programs featuring experienced practitioners and gifted communicators—from inside and outside The Alliance. Each program is designed with a specific purpose:

  • EquippingU LIVE for interpersonal learning in a small group context
  • EquippingU PODCAST for individual learning
  • EquippingU PRE-COUNCIL for growing with the greater Alliance family at Alliance Council 2019 in Orlando Florida

Leaders must be learners, and these courses will provide you multi-faceted opportunities to grow and be stretched in your personal life and ministry capacities. By God’s grace, the U.S. Alliance will continue to be a movement led by healthy, growing pastors and leaders who multiply disciples, workers, leaders, and healthy churches to advance God’s Kingdom in local communities and to the ends of the earth.

With EquippingU LIVE, you’ll join with a local group of pastors and leaders or connect via a live online streaming presentation. We’ll provide an interactive Q&A session and encourage you to process it with your group.

Two LIVE events will be held annually—one related to effectiveness in ministry and leadership and the other designed to enhance the leader’s emotional, spiritual, and marital health.

March 7, 2019 Salem Alliance Church: 9:00 a.m. PST

Dealing with Sexual Sin and Pornography

Sexual sin in general and pornography specifically have become epidemic in our culture and have seeped rapidly into the church. Nick Stumbo will share his own journey to freedom and share with listeners how they can live in freedom and help others find freedom as well.

Join host Terry Smith (Church Ministries vice president) and Nick Stumbo (Alliance pastor) as Nick shares what he has observed in the church and counseling context. You’ll walk away from this talk believing that the Church can become a place of healing.

Your Hosts

  • Terry Smith: Since 1981, Terry has served The Alliance as a pastor in Florida and Pennsylvania and as both the assistant superintendent and superintendent of the Eastern Pennsylvania District. Terry currently serves as vice president for Church Ministries.

  • Nick Stumbo: As a third-generation pastor, Nick observed the fallout of sexual brokenness and devastation in the lives of men and women in the church and recognized, like never before, the need for a culture of grace in the Church. Today, as the executive director for Pure Desire, Nick continues to believe that the Church can become a place of healing and that Pure Desire is leading the way.

Previous Sessions

Session One: An Outward-Focused Church 11/7/2018

Session Two: Dealing with Sexual Sin and Pornography 03/07/2019

The EquippingU Audio Podcast is designed to provide Alliance pastors and leaders lively and helpful discussions related to living spiritually healthy lives while leading healthy churches. Each of these 30-minute interviews will underline priorities and values vital to healthy leaders and churches. Each season will offer a wide range of topics to equip, encourage, and challenge you as a pastor or leader.

On Tuesday, May 28, 2019 from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. you are invited to join other Alliance lay leaders and pastors in a uniquely crafted event designed to equip you for more effective ministry in your churches and communities. Registration for Alliance Council is required in order to participate in these sessions. The EquippingU Pre-Council cost is an additional $30 and includes lunch.

  • Morning Session

    Attendees choose one of the following three morning tracks (8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.)
  • Track 1: Developing Multi-Cultural Churches, led by Bryan Loritts
    Church ministry in the United States is increasingly happening among multi-ethnic communities and for Alliance churches to remain relevant will require a refocused ministry to remain effective in outreach to surrounding neighborhoods. Bryan Loritts serves as lead pastor at Abundant Life Christian Fellowship of Silicon Valley, California. He is founder of the Kainos Movement—an organization committed to seeing the multi-ethnic church become the new normal in our world.
  • Track 2: Leading Revitalization in the Local Church, led by Dr. Thom Rainer
    Too high of a percentage of our Alliance churches are plateaued or declining. Their leaders need to be encouraged and equipped to pave the way for turnaround that results in people in their communities coming to know Jesus and being assimilated into the church. A foremost expert in what it takes to turn around plateaued and declining churches, Dr. Thom Rainer, president and CEO of LifeWay Christian Resources, will speak from his experience and research as he shares practical principles for leading church revitalization.
  • Track 3: Establishing a Church Multiplication DNA, led by Matt Hannan
    One of the most effective ways to win and disciple people for Christ is by planting new churches. This track will inspire church leaders to consider planting other churches and present practical steps churches need to take to prepare to multiply. Matt Hannan leads New Heights Church in Portland, Oregon’s multiplying church. He hopes to see more and more of our churches tap into their church-planting DNA.
  • Lunch (included in registration)
  • Afternoon Plenary Session

    Attendees are encouraged to join in dicussion (1:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.)
  • Racial Reconciliation, led by Bryan Loritts
    The gospel proclamation includes addressing issues of injustice among the diverse communities in the cities and neighborhoods where Alliance churches are seeking to fulfill the Great Commission. Bryan Loritts, (who also leads Morning Track 1), will share his insights on what the gospel means for issues related to racial reconciliation to help us engage God and others well.
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