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Gary Friesen

The following white papers on peacemaking topics are available for immediate download and have been written for Alliance Peacemaking by Gary Friesen, Vice President/General Counsel.

  • Embezzling Church Funds

    Embezzling is taking money for one’s own use in violation of a trust. This is especially painful in a church, where people give sacrificially toward Kingdom purposes. What should you do when you know or suspect that someone you trust has taken money from your congregation? This paper provides important information for Alliance church leaders when faced with potential embezzlement in the church.

    DownloadAdobe PDF (285KB) Published December 2013
  • Disputable Matters

    Do you grow weary of the endless disputes and debates in your church? Sincere followers of Christ desire to be obedient to him and live consistent with their faith, but the way they live out their walk of faith can involve points of heated contention. These disputes are seldom issues essential to the faith, but rather issues that people treat as if they were essential. This paper is designed to give you clear guidance for handling these controversies.

    DownloadAdobe PDF (244KB) Published December 2013
  • Responding to an Allegation of Child Sexual Abuse

    Responding to allegations of sexual abuse is a difficult and painful journey. At the same time, there is no greater opportunity to point your members and a watching community to the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. This paper is designed to give you clear guidance as you begin that journey.

    DownloadAdobe PDF (258KB) Published December 2013


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