Core Characteristics

During the accreditation/credentialing interview process, C&MA licensed official worker candidates are evaluated on five core characteristics critical to effective Kingdom ministry:

These qualities are the focus of the developing leader’s Personal Growth Plan. While it is understood that emerging leaders may not excel in every area, the goal is for candidates to demonstrate growth and maturity as they pursue God’s calling. A coaching relationship is a great way for candidates to begin to work on their areas of challenge.

  1. Christ-Centered Character

    Candidates are wise stewards of their resources and demonstrate an ever-deepening walk with God through:

    • Formation: Evidence of being filled with the Holy Spirit and maintaining consistent devotional patterns and spiritual disciplines, including a growing and consistent prayer life
    • Integrity: Reflection of a godly, exemplary lifestyle (see 1 Timothy 3:1-7), practicing and pursuing personal holiness, integrity, and moral purity
    • Stewardship: Exemplifying wise care of personal resources—including time, money, and relationships
  2. Empowered Ministry

    Discovering and confirming the candidate’s calling and giftings can lead to effective ministry that transforms lives, exhibited in the following areas:

    • Calling: Evidence of God’s call into ministry leadership, which the local church confirms
    • Gifting: An understanding and application of abilities, talents, and passions to advance the Kingdom
    • Competency: Ability to articulate a Christ-centered, disciplemaking philosophy of ministry in the church and to mobilize others
    • Missional Lifestyle: Evidence of engagement in the Church’s global mission, including intercession for and relationships built among nonchurched people with whom the candidate is comfortable, appropriate, and proactive in sharing the gospel
  3. Spiritual Leadership

    Candidates will demonstrate leadership excellence based on three criteria:

    • Teamwork: A proactive stance and constructive engagement in conflict resolution; an ability to put the interests of the team above their own while seeking to contribute beyond their job descriptions
    • Effectiveness: Practicing successful decision-making strategies and efficient organizational, communication, and mobilization skills
    • Attitude: Demonstrating flexibility and the ability to manage stress and anxiety well; respecting and valuing authority as well as constructive feedback
  4. Healthy Living

    Candidates will demonstrate healthy, balanced lives on four levels:

    • Physical: Exhibiting good nutrition, physical fitness, and rest habits
    • Emotional: Having processed past traumatic and/or abusive experiences and exhibiting appropriate emotional health, including awareness of how their emotions affect others
    • Relational: Relating well to others, maintaining a positive, realistic outlook on life
    • Marriage/Family: Having a strong marriage, proven parenting skills, and families committed to a ministry lifestyle
  5. Biblical Alignment

    Candidates can articulate an integrated, biblical theology through:

    • Scriptural Knowledge: Demonstrating a good, working knowledge of the Bible
    • Theological Understanding: Clearly articulating an integrated doctrinal understanding of the C&MA’s Statement of Faith and communicating the Word with spiritual authority
    • Alliance Alignment: Embracing the C&MA’s Fourfold Gospel, submitting to constituted authority, and committing to modeling Alliance Core Values


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