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Western PA District C&MA

Present & Future Our history and timeline place markers indicate growth! They evidence how God has blessed Gospel Alliance Church at its new location and the necessity of hiring additional staff. Not unlike the physical place markers, there is much to be said of the prayerful seeking of the church leaders and congregation for God’s direction at every step and new phase. Annual elders’ retreats included prayerful reflection and strategy for the future. Church opportunities, obstacles, strengths and weakness were discussed with a one, three, five and ten year look at the future. Our primary focus will continue to be outward, reaching those who are lost in an effort to fulfill our mission statement: “To know Christ, and make Him known.” Mission We Strive: “To Know Christ and Make Him Known” How we’re going to make this happen is by being “A family involved in weekly WORSHIP, GROWTH, and SERVICE, while daily living out a life of PRAYER and OUTREACH.” Worship at GAC Gospel Alliance Church is located in Rostraver, Pennsylvania. Members generally live within thirty minutes of the church. Gospel Alliance is a place where people come together to pursue God. We strive to be a place where one can build relationships, experience the presence and power of God in worship, be equipped by practical, life-changing teaching from God’s Word, and compassionately reach out to those that need Jesus, just like us. Any Given Sunday, our worship service times are 8:00 a.m., 9:30 a.m., and 11:00 a.m. We frequently call them the first, second and third service. Greeters will welcome you as you enter. We are happy to see familiar faces and always happy to see newcomers as well. Gospel Alliance Church is a friendly church that cares about people. Don’t be surprised if someone greets you and tries to get to know you a bit. Folks are comfortable to wear what’s comfortable for them! Some people wear jeans and a T-shirt, while others will wear a dress-shirt and tie. We want attendees to be comfortable just being themselves. If you have children with you, you will need to register them at the Children’s Information Desk for them to participate in the Children’s activities. Registering your child allows them to go upstairs to join their class. Our order of service is not identical from week to week, but there are certain elements that remain constant. We will give announcements and welcome all to our church. We always include prayer, Scripture reading, and music in our services. The music is contemporary in style using guitars, drums, and the keyboard. We take an offering each week and offer time for people to come forward for prayer if they would like. There is a biblical message each week typically given by our Lead Pastor. The duration of the service is typically just over an hour. The style of preaching is mainly topical and expository (both verse by verse & narrative). Topics of messages during the last year include: Parables, Rest, I Love My Church (Mission Statement – Growing, Worshipping, Serving, Praying, Outward Living), GRACE, Mission 119 – Themed to the week we are in as a church, Christmas – Hosea, & Friend of God – Life of Abraham. Between services, everyone is welcomed through the Common Ground Cafe where coffee, tea, lemonade and assorted snacks are available. A week in a Gospel Alliance Church member’s life is not only attending a Sunday service, but also what is referred to as Family Night on Wednesday evenings. Children and youth participate in their age group ministry, while parents participate in a Bible study. In addition to Sunday and Wednesday programs, there are many other weekly ministries, allowing members opportunity to attend, and to serve separately. A year in a Gospel Alliance Church member’s life will include discipleship thru small groups, annual community outreaches and training. Children’s Ministry volunteers may only serve once they have completed clearances, attended initial training, and continue ongoing annual awareness/abuse training. Our Target Our primary focus is family-based. Focusing on families that live in our church’s community and surrounding areas. The central target remains the un-churched. Those who are unaware of the importance of having a truthful, pure, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The outer rings of our target undoubtedly include our outward focus on missions locally, nationally, and internationally. Purpose and Vision Our mission and target clearly define our purpose. To attract un-churched people of any age and cultivate any curiosity they have towards God. Therefore our vision broadly is to grow God’s kingdom by ministering to those in and outside of our church, as well as serving God in our community near and far. The next part of our vision is Phase II to the physical building, which will be a 600 seat Sanctuary on the front of the existing structure. Current Ministries and Discipleship Current ministries are active and well attended. Within the last year, approximately 231 adults were involved in our Growth Groups: Men’s & Women’s Groups, Sunday & Wednesday, mid-week groups, prayer groups. Apart from the groups, there is one on one discipleship occurring. A summarization of each ministry is provided in each of the yearly annual reports provided at the end of this document. To help equip our church members for ministry, we have hosted seminars and speakers. We also offer teacher training, elder ministry training, and shadowing experiences. Sunday School classes have focused in on evangelism & Living In Christ Training. In the past 15 years, our church knows of 10 people who have been sent into full-time ministry. Evangelism & Community Outreach We strive to be relational in outreach. We have purposefully steered away from event evangelism. Our aim is to see outreach become woven into the very fabric and DNA of Gospel Alliance Church. We want to intentionally connect with our community, share Jesus’ message, and point people to the Savior. We desire that everyone respond to the invitation and privilege to be stewards of the gospel [outreach] not just a leader or a team. Evangelism working in our church is evidenced by tangible conversions. We know of 44 conversions in the last two years. 20 of those people are now attending our church. Internally, we know a significant percent of students involved on Wednesday Night Youth Group are un-churched. Some of our Adult Growth Groups also have a significant percent of participation of unchurched people. Our summer VBS reached 37 un-churched families, which includes 59 children attending VBS. Externally, we have seen our community involvement & influence grow significantly as well as our reputation as a church. Several ministries have contributed to this influence including: Bag Brigade, Military Ministry, Encouragement Team, Community VBS, Mantle House, New Life Resource Center, etc. Resources: Property/Facilities, Personnel & Financial Property and Facility ? Dates of Construction: September 2012 ? Size of property: 7.2 acres ? Seating capacity for worship: 350 ? Number of off-street parking spaces: 135 ? Are the facilities adequate for present ministry? __X__ Yes ____No ? For how many years into the future? Having three services our facility is comfortable to 600 total per Sunday Worship ? What is the general condition of the property/facilities? Five years old with no significant problems ? Describe the visibility and accessibility of your property. We are located on Route 51 South coming from Pittsburgh and about 8 miles from route 70. The church is very visible and accessible from Route 51 and Fells Church Road. ? Does the church have a parsonage? ____Yes _X_No


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