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CHURCH PROFILE Cecil Alliance Church (CAC) Cecil, PA November 2018 Hello! Welcome to Cecil Alliance Church! We’re a warm and welcoming church family that is a beautiful blend of various age groups, backgrounds, talents, and length of history at CAC. Our congregation may be small by some standards (currently less than 100 regular attenders on a Sunday), yet has a large heart. We consider Faith a verb, not a noun, and whether reaching out to others on a Mission Trip or making meals for a church family or supporting a Church Workday, we have tremendous support and share the experience – Loving One Another. We’ve been blessed by many wonderful “shepherds” – a recent interim pastor and his wife said “Any pastor who has this church will surely be blessed because you are such a wonderful, loving congregation”. We look forward to meeting you! 1. HISTORY: Brief description of the beginnings of the church: The Cecil Christian and Missionary Alliance Church had its beginning more than a century ago as a group that began meeting in 1905 in the Cecil Elementary School. These services developed from a Sunday School organized under the American Sunday School Union. The group was organized as the Cecil Union Gospel Mission in 1919 and the original church building was constructed in 1921. The church was affiliated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance for more than 23 years before becoming a member church of the denomination in January 1965. A parsonage was constructed in the fall of 1966. The current church building was constructed in 1976 and was supported with more than 6,300 hours of volunteer labor from the congregation and community. 2. Give a chronological listing of the major events in the life of this church: 1905 - Initial Services Held 1919 - Organized as Cecil Union Gospel Mission 1921 - Original Church Built 1930 - Incorporated 1965 - Membership in Christian and Missionary Alliance Denomination 1976 - New Church Construction 1991 – Addition of Part-time Youth Director – Jim Weaver 1990’s – Installation of Sanctuary Air Conditioning 2000’s – Kim & Brian Greenleaf – 5 years as Youth Directors (then transitioned to Washington Alliance Church full-time staff) 2005 – (Approximate) Purchased additional land adjoining campus 2006 – Ordination of Pastor Eric McAdams 2007 – Addition of Children’s Outdoor Play Area and property park-like enhancements 2011 – Addition of Youth/Worship Assistant Pastor 2016 – Parsonage interior and exterior renovations and upgrades 2016 – Ordination of Pastor Magnus Walker and Consecration of Rachel Walker 2019 – (Upcoming) Church Centennial Celebration DEMOGRAPHICS: 3. See township, Washington County, Pennsylvania/ALL Community: Cecil Township Zip Code: 15321 Ethnic percentage: 94.4% Anglo 3.6% Asian 0.8% African American 1.3% Hispanic Median age 43.6 Median income $79,727 Marital status percentage: (Data from 2014; updated information not available) 64% Married 36% Single (includes divorced/widowed) Church Data: Current Snapshot 2018 2017 Total members + adherents 80 53 40 Worship Attendance 65 53 40 Sunday School 30 30 25 Membership 30 30 30 Conversions 1 1 0 Baptisms 5 5 0 *Prior to 2017 we were without a pastor Ethnic percentage of congregation: 2 Biracial families currently; the remainder of the congregation is Anglo Median age __45__ School age children: 10 under age 10; 10 over age 10 Member marital status percentage: 77% Married 3% Single 3% Divorced 17% Widowed 4. Based on the average worship attendance, worshippers live within: 10% - 1 mile 15% - 2 miles 30% - 3 miles 25% - 5 miles 15% - 6-10 miles 5% - 11 or more miles 5. List the churches in a 5-mile radius of your church St. Mary Roman Catholic (Cecil) *Scheduled to be closed Gladden Presbyterian (Cecil) Venice Presbyterian (Evangelical Presbyterian Church) (McDonald) McDonald Alliance (McDonald) Holy Rosary Roman Catholic (Muse) McDonald Presbyterian First Baptist (McDonald) First Methodist (McDonald) St. Alphonsus (McDonald) Calvary Full Gospel (Bridgeville) The Bible Chapel (McMurray) - 7 miles 6. What percentage of the people in your community are unchurched This information will be provided by the District. 7. What are the distinctive characteristics of the prominent evangelical churches in your community? (e.g., “seeker sensitive,” youth programs, strong preaching, great worship, etc.) Venice Presbyterian (EPC) - conservative worship style, historically strong preaching, active youth and children's programs, MOPS (Mothers of Preschool Children) programs for young parents, programs targeted for senior members. The Bible Chapel - Large, nondenominational church with many social ministries for men, women, youth. Modern auditorium for concerts open to community. Utilizes a campus church approach to growth. 8. Based upon our church’s unique spiritual gifting and location, what specific people groups does the Lord desire our church to target and reach with the Good News of Jesus? 1. We would like to primarily target younger families (age 25-45) to ensure ongoing growth/succession within our congregation. 2. Secondarily, it seems natural that we would focus on ongoing outreach to elderly/widows/widowers since that is a significant demographic within our church and in our area. 9. What are some of the necessary steps in effectively reaching these people groups? 1. Need for improved signage on Route 50. Church is largely invisible from major roads. Note: An Interstate Exit is being built within the pathway of the church which should help to increase our visibility dramatically. 2. There has been a large influx of families with children, therefore we need to establish and maintain active Children’s and Youth Ministry. 3. Enhance relationship-developing activities (Men's, Women's, Mothers of Pre-schoolers, Small Group Studies), etc. and develop Leaders. MINISTRY: 10. What do you see as the specific purpose/vision/mission of your church? Is it in written form? Vision: To develop devoted followers of Christ who are equipped to serve the church and the community and to bring the gospel to the world. Mission: We desire to know Jesus Christ as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King and to complete His Great Commission. Do everything with the purpose of bringing people to Jesus. This is included in our Church By-Laws. 11. To what degree has the congregation adopted (bought into) the purpose/vision mission statement of Cecil Alliance Church? No Impact 1------2------3------4------5------6------7------8------9------10 Guides Decisions Give examples: 9 - Our church family actively supports community outreach. We welcome the opportunity to share the love of Jesus. Recent projects have included: • One-day Mission Trips to Urban Mission – actively supported by youth & adults • Mama Packs (Multiple shipments of Newborn items for K-Hospital in West Africa) • Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls • Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes • Community support & outreach through the Cecil Fall Festival, Cecil Township Parade and Cecil Fireman’s Carnival • Participation in the CMA District Ministry Workout training 12. What are your church’s regular meetings/ministries and what is each meeting’s/ministry’s primary function and average attendance? Functions: 1-Winning the Lost, 2-Building the Believer, 3-Equipping the Worker, 4-Multiplying the Leader Meeting/Ministry Function Attendance Worship Service Sunday School (Adult) Sunday School (Kids) Dartball Stitchen’ Sisters – Weekly Knitting/Crocheting Sister Connection All All All 1 All All 65-80 12-14 20 20-25 6-8 8 13. Prioritize the following ministries in light of how your congregation invests financial and personnel resources. (1=most important to 9=least important) Investment of Resources Financial Church resources are not used for expenses on items not numbered Personnel (including Volunteers)* Youth 2 2 Children 4 2 Worship Service 1 1 Small Groups 3 Music 3 1 Women’s ministry 3 Men’s Ministry 3 Prayer meeting 3 Senior Adults 3 *We are a small but dynamic church family – a beautiful tapestry of people groups who love & support one another 14. How does the community view the ministry of your church? Our physical location is not in a high-traffic or main street location. As a result, despite our outreach efforts, we have limited visibility and in some respects are largely unknown. However, we are getting an Interstate Exit within the pathway of the church which should increase our visibility dramatically. In past years, with significant PR emphasis, we have experienced wonderful community interest and support of our Vacation Bible School and Awana summer programs. To date we have utilized signage and feather banners in the property near the highway, utilized Inviting Event cards, Yard Banners, Posters and Flyers for Easter Service and our Club Worship Free Concert event and a Car Cruise. We have pursued additional signage/lighting options but have encountered some roadblocks based on electrical zoning restrictions; solar options are still under consideration. 15. List 5 things which might be considered strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or threats which characterize or might be facing the church at this time: 17. What major roadblocks can you identify that could impede future growth and progress? 1. Lack of pastor 2. Lack of visibility from major road (need new signage) 3. Challenges staffing Children's & Youth program on Sundays 4. Leadership development programs/support needed 18. Describe your worship services. • Our Worship Team/Praise band integrates contemporary worship music with some traditional hymns guided providing broad appeal to our diverse church family. • Services are 1 hour 15 minutes – we begin with 30 minutes of worship & praise guided by our Worship Team, then 30-45 minutes of teaching. 19. Describe the style of preaching and subjects of the messages during the past year. • We appreciate a Pastor who is comfortable speaking from the floor typically with strong 1:1 connection with congregation – more of a conversation style, basing the message on strong biblical foundation. • Over the past 18 months, we studied the books of John and Ephesians, and had messages on Grace. • Currently, the pulpit is being filled by a number of pastors approved by the district, each of whom has shared messages appropriate for our current church needs. 20. What do you see as the specific purpose/vision/mission of your church? Vision: To develop devoted followers of Christ who are equipped to serve the church and the community and to bring the gospel to the world. Mission: We desire to know Jesus Christ as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming King and to complete His Great Commission. Cecil Alliance Church will fulfill His commission. Do everything with the purpose of bringing people to Jesus. 21. Please list the results of your discussions on preferences, convictions and absolutes below: PREFERENCES CONVICTIONS ABSOLUTES "Come as you are" atmosphere - formal through casual dress Youth/Children ministries The Trinity Primarily contemporary praise and worship music Visitor follow-up needs to be strengthened Deity of Christ/Holiness of God Emphasize communications Depravity of Man Reach the lost for Christ Salvation by grace through faith Development of disciples Christ's resurrection Missions emphasis Coming return of Christ 22. List the ways your church disciples believers. While we do not currently have a focused “Timothy” discipling ministry, our routine programs include the opportunity to mentor new believers. 23. How many people are currently being discipled? We do offer Sunday School classes currently attended by approximately 32 children /adults in total. 24. What is being done to train/equip people for ministry? Training/equipping people for ministry is an area that could use significant support. Currently, Sunday school classes are our primary means of training/equipping people. 25. What percentage of adult members and adherents are actively involved in your church’s ministry? 50-60% 26. List the current, active ministries of the church and the name of the leader who is responsible. The Disciplemaking ministry is led by Linda Leasure. This ministry oversees all other outreach and educational activities. Chuck Ellis leads the Worship Team. Don Brown fulfills the role of Head Elder and Facilitator of the Board of Ministries. 27. Describe the role of elders and their relationship with the pastor. Elders provide care, oversight and accountability to the pastor. The pastor is expected to carefully consider counsel from the elders. The elders provide care for both the pastor and the church. The pastor looks to the elders to confirm his convictions for God's leading and direction. 29. Describe your vision for the church over the next five years. Vision: To develop devoted followers of Christ who are equipped to serve the church and the community and to bring the gospel to the world. Goals: • Increase membership and attendance • Develop leaders • Revitalize church family programs: active men’s group, active women’s group, small group Bible study, active youth group OUTREACH: 30. List the ways your congregation is involved in evangelism. We have participated in Pittsburgh Regional International Student Ministry (PRISM) at Bellefield Presbyterian Church, and are blessed to work with Urban Mission of Steubenville, OH with one day Mission Trips serving homeless, back to school and hunger relief programs. In addition we have shared in programs with the Washington City Mission and currently have a Clothing Donation bin on our property for community donations. 31. If evangelism is part of other ministries, what evidence do you have that it is working? The evening of our last Mission Trip we were touched to learn a homeless family of 5 had a safe, warm place to stay, partially due to the work we completed at the homeless shelter. Since that time hundreds of homeless have had the love of the Lord shared with them while finding shelter. We are committed to “planting the seeds” even if we are not fully aware of the “harvest”. We invest in intentional community outreach – we live our faith “out loud”. 32. Your church reported 1 conversions in 2018. How many of those people are now attending your church? __1__ 33. What outreach events were planned during 2018? • Urban Mission Trip – Homeless Shelter renovations • Firemen’s Parade • Cecil Township Fall Festival booth (2017) • Cecil Township Firemen’s Carnival • Veterans Breakfast/Recognition • Washington City Mission support (Clothing donation box on property) 34. What training in personal evangelism is provided for your people? Currently our training is through Sunday School classes and CMA District Classes. We are receptive to other training ideas and opportunities. 35. List the top three reasons why visitors come to your church. 1. Personal invitation 2. Community connections 3. Social media 36. List the top three reasons why visitors return. 1. Worship experience and music 2. Loving, welcoming congregation/church family 3. Quiet boxes for children in church (children stay in the sanctuary with family) 37. List the most common reasons/excuses why regular attendees stop coming. 1. Perceived busy schedule 2. Not actively involved -- easy to drop out and go unnoticed PROPERTY/FACILITIES: 38. Dates of Construction: 1976 Seating capacity for worship: 200 39. Number of off-street parking spaces: 60+ Size of property: 3 acres 40. Are the facilities adequate for present ministry? __x__ Yes ____No 41. For how many years into the future? Current attendance allows for considerable growth before needing additional space. Number of years would depend on how quickly we see growth. 42. What is the general condition of the property/facilities? Our campus condition is good. The church building and parsonage are well-maintained. The grounds are well-groomed and include an inviting playground recreation and picnic area. 43. Describe the visibility and accessibility of your property. There is a new highway being built in close proximity to the church with an Exit Ramp being located within a quarter-mile of the church. 44. What is the total church indebtedness? None 45. Does the church have a parsonage? __X__Yes ____No If “Yes,” how would you describe the condition of the parsonage? Nice two-story brick home with 3 bedrooms, 1-1/2 bathrooms and kitchen. Newer deck on rear. Hardwood floors throughout. Integral garage. 46. What percentage of time does the Elder Board and/or the Governing Board spend on: Elder Board: Spiritual Matters, Oversees Christian Education approvals. Board of Ministries: All other Church Business matters - including but not limited to Prayer, Finance, Trustee, Disciple Making, Calendar/Events, as well as any other Old & New Business. The Head Elder is a voting member of the Board, and other Elders are in attendance. ATTITUDE TOWARD CHANGE: 47. How open are the leaders of the church to embrace change? • No 1--------2--------3--------4--------5--------6--------7--------8--------9--------10 Yes Give examples: Answer = 10. Leaders at CAC are open to change. When the option of a church merger was explored that involved significant change, there was total congregation support. 48. How open are the members & adherents of the church to embrace change? • No 1--------2--------3--------4--------5--------6--------7--------8--------9--------10 Yes Give examples: Answer = 10. The congregation as a whole has embraced change with each new pastor who has come to the church. The church family is excited and enthusiastic about the future! 49. How many new Elders and Governing Board members took office in past two years? In 2018, one new Board of Ministries member was added. 50. What three issues have caused the most conflict in the church in the last five years? Overall, we have a very cohesive church family. PASTORAL EXPECTATIONS: 51. Prioritize the way you want your pastor to spend his time and energy. (1=most important to 9=least important) 1 Preaching Here is where the lines get blurry 2 Youth ministry 2 Lay-leadership development 2 Disciple-making 2 Shepherding 3 Administration 4 ___ Evangelism* There are a lot of views on this. Everything we do is with a purpose to bring people to Christ. Whether we are helping at the local fire department or putting on a program for the veterans, or building bunkbeds for a homeless shelter, everything is with a purpose. 5 World missions are no less important. In the last 9 years or so we have not had a pastor who considered this as a high priority. 6 Counseling We believe most counselling should be directed to professionals. Please understand we are a smaller church with limitless potential. Therefore as we mature together these priorities will change. 52. How many years of ministerial experience do you feel the next Senior Pastor should have before coming to Cecil Alliance Church? We are open to a pastor at any level of ministerial experience. 53. What style of pastoral leadership is needed for your church at this time? Apostle Barnabas-------------------------------------|--------------------------------------Apostle Paul Explain: Like most small churches, we are in need of a pastor who can adapt to a situation and provide the type of leadership that is needed at the time for a specific situation. Our congregation has no significant conflict at the moment. We can all use the encouragement of a Barnabas, but we recognize that there are times that will require the temperament of a Paul. We hope to find a pastor who recognizes and embraces the opportunity to experience and respond to a wide range of needs in a smaller church. 54. What are three important personality characteristics for the next Senior Pastor? • Outgoing/approachable • Insightful • Engaging/Compassionate/Charismatic/Able to relate to all age groups 55. What criteria would you use to measure a good work week for your pastor? 25 % 70 % 5% Prayer & Preaching Shepherding • Youth • Lay Leadership Development • Widows/Seniors • Evangelism Other • Administrative • Counselling • Adequate time devoted to prayer and Bible study for developing weekly sermon. • Relational interfaces with church family members and church groups. • Phone, email or live weekly connection with leadership team to empower/mentor. • Progress toward performance objectives established jointly with Elders. • Fulfill consistent church office hours. 56. What advice would you give a pastor in his first year of ministry at your church? Get to know your congregation, understand their gifts, talents, as well as their weaknesses. Establish a relationship with the leadership teams of the church to establish trust as well as an understanding of how the church works. The new pastor will wear many hats – whether preparing the message, leading bible study or teaching leaders. We have been blessed with about 12 youth and would like to capitalize on this incredible opportunity. The ideal pastor will have a motivation to develop this ministry. Focus on communications with congregants – with a vital interest in the Children/Youth as the future of our church. Time management is key to being successful. 57. Describe your current pastoral staff situation. We are in need of a permanent pastor but are currently blessed with a number of gifted individuals who are fulfilling the weekly preaching responsibilities sharing inspirational messages. 58. Describe the current support staff provided for your pastors. We do not have any paid support staff at present. There are several members of the congregation who have assisted with administrative support for specific projects. Production of the weekly bulletin is handled by one of these individuals. FINANCES: 59. Who makes the financial decisions for the church? Our Board of Ministries. 60. What would most likely be the first issue to limit your future ministry? There are no limitations that we are aware of. 61. When was the last time an appeal was made because the General Fund's expense was exceeding income? This has not happened. 62. What is the pattern of giving for the last six years? Tithers, consistent givers, nominal givers. There are a number of others who do not financially support the church ministries. Year 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 (3 QTRS) General Fund $114,853.88 $115,614.49 $85,845.60 $82,408.25 $112,119.86 $76,645.00 Missions $20,160.00 $18,517.00 $13,210.00 $10,682.00 $10,108.00 $9,130.00 Total Income $135,013.88 $134,131.49 $99,055.60 $93,090.60 $122,227.86 $85,775.00 63. What percentage of giving units contribute to the Great Commission Fund? 10% 64. What percentage of giving units make a Faith Promise Pledge? Very low - Not promoted well 65. PASTOR COMPENSATION Compensation package includes: Salary, housing allowance, healthcare reimbursement, two weeks vacation. 66. Assessment of Pastoral Leadership Needs In order to match a candidate to your church, please indicate the top three natural talents that you most desire in your next pastor. Mark “1” to indicate most desired natural talent, “2” for second highest, and “3” for the third most important. Mark only 3 from the list of 10! _2___ Providing Leadership Vision for entire congregation including YOUTH _1___ Communicating the Word of God [Inspiration, instruction, exhortation and correctness] _____ Directing Evangelistic Outreach _____ Guiding/Counseling Congregational Members _____ Personal Study and Research _____ Overseeing Projects, Ministry Programs __3__ Mentoring and Recruiting Lay Leaders [One-on-one discipleship and facilitating committees and boards] _____ Supervising Volunteers and Staff _____ Overseeing Church Budgets and Finances _____ Performing Visitation, Baptisms, Weddings, Funerals, and participating in Community and National Events We’re seeking a candidate who lives out their Faith as a verb not a noun, and relates well with any age group, any background, with a natural rapport. The ideal candidate will not only see their glass as half-full, they will need a bucket ready for the overflow! 67. Applications: Based upon the above Church Profile what are some next steps for the following groups/individuals? : Governance Authority - Prayerful consideration throughout process - Review resumes - Conduct telephone interviews with leading candidates - Host a Candidate Weekend with finalist(s) - Extend an Employment Offer to selected candidate New Senior Pastor - Meet with elders and Board of Ministries to get input - Encourage and mentor leadership team - Develop pastoral communications with congregation utilizing email, phone tree, bulletin and other means - Establish personal objectives in cooperation with elders Congregation - Prayer support for leadership team - Reach out to others in congregation more during time without pastor


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