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Nestled in the mountains of North Central Pennsylvania, Coudersport Christian and Mission Alliance Church (CAC) is seeking a Senior Pastor to lead our thriving congregation spiritually and pastorally. Our congregation is strong in number (over 150 weekly attendees) and ambition, and we are looking for a Pastor whose ambitions match ours. Our Mission Statement at CAC is to be a place of Healing, Transformation, and Mission - this is something that we are deeply committed to as a congregation, as such we foster a strong come as you are atmosphere and strive to bridge cultural/political/economical gaps. Above all, we are a Church that wants anyone who enters our building to feel like they have found their home. Below you will find more information about our ministries, goals, and requirements for the Pastoral position. HISTORY The Coudersport Alliance Church was founded in the early 1940's by Anthony and Evelyn Bollback. The church plant was in a store front and grew from zero to over 120 people in the 2 1/2 years that the Bollbacks were in Coudersport. From the beginning, our church has been focused on ministering to the community. One of those ministries was painting the names of the men who served during World War II on a wall of remembrance near the center of town. Our congregation outgrew the buildings we have inhabited until 1979 when we purchased our current facilities located in North Coudersport. Over the years we have added on to our building multiple times as our daycare and food bank ministries have grown. OUR COMMUNITY As mentioned, Coudersport is a rural community located in North Central Pennsylvania, but that doesn't limit the heart of our church and community. Coudersport is 96% anglo-american and our congregation largely falls in line with that percentage. The median age of the area is 41 years old and the median income is $41,000. The population of Coudersport is 2,700 residents but our church congregation is made up of people from many different surrounding towns. CAC is part of a diverse church community in Coudersport with as many as eight churches within a five miles radius, though CAC is one of the most attended churches in the area. Our previous pastors have taken part in a ministerium with the rest of the locals churches and we would expect this to continue. We estimate that 50% of our community is unchurched and our focus is always on trying to reach them in new and creative ways. The key groups we feel the Lord want us to target start with young, unchurched families. The second group we feel led to focus on are disillusioned and hurt former church goers; our community is largely made up of people who have at some point attended church, and we try to reach people who have been hurt through these experiences. We minister to these demographics within our community through several programs - our church provides Daycare, Food Pantry, and VBS services as well as small groups that encourage relational evangelism. MISSION & OUTREACH We have a diverse set of ministries intended to foster growth and discipleship for every member of the church. With that said, we do have a few key ministries that we believe to be the most influential - these are our Worship Team, Children Ministries, and Life Groups. In general our ministries are well received in the community and serve vital needs. We believe in developing leaders through discipleship, just as Jesus exhibited and consider this something that is key to our ministries thriving in the future. Below you will find a short list of the ministries that we have in place. - Worship Team - We promote a Worship Service that is Spirit Filled, Seeks the manifest Spirit of God, and is forward thinking. - Children Ministries - Our Children Ministries range from preschool ages to High School students. We believe that the youth of CAC is more than just the future, it is the present. - Life Groups - Our Life Group ministry is among the newer but most popular ministries that we offer. We believe in relational evangelism and that God can work powerfully through these Life Group families. - Missions Team - We are currently partnered with Envision Cleveland and plan yearly trips to serve them. - Daycare - God's Food Pantry - Women & Men's Groups - Deacons & Deaconesses Our vision for our ministries and outreach over the next five years includes continuing the Soul Care program that we have been doing. We hope to continue to reach out to families through our Children's, VBS, Youth, and Daycare ministries to help grow and develop Christ centered homes. We also aim to bridge cultural, political, economic, and generational differences to foster a feeling of harmony within our congregation and community. Lastly we want to work cooperatively with other churches in our area for the spiritual good of our community. PASTORAL EXPECTATIONS - Experienced Preacher who gives challenging, series driven messages - Shepherd the flock and care for their spiritual needs as well as offer counseling and guidance in their walk with God. - Experience in Outreach/Evangelism - Disciple making and Leadership development. - Bachelor's Degree with 5 Years experience as a Senior Pastor - Exhibit Love of people, Grace, and Mercy Our leadership is comprised of a six Elder board. We expect Elders to work collaboratively with each other and the Senior Pastor in guiding the direction of the church. Elders are expected to have a visible ministry as well as to support special events with their presence. We also expect our Elders to serve with the wives as a team. We also have an Associate Pastor currently employed whose development we are committed to encourage. Compensation falls in line with the recommend range for the district, specific figures can be received from our district office. Contact Rev. David Nagel, District Superintendent


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