Solo Pastor


Western PA District C&MA

Pastoral Expectations Profile Name of Church   First Alliance Church, New Castle, Pa.    Pastoral Role Priorities High Priority – Required; critical; will not call if not highest priority of candidate. List one to three roles. 1. Preacher/Teacher       2. Intercessor      3. Leader/Vision Caster      Moderately High Priority – Desired; important; impacts call. List two to four roles. 1. Evangelist      2. Leadership Developer      3. Discipler       4. Missions Promoter Moderately Low Priority – Helpful; minor impact on call. List two to four roles. 1. Counselor      2.  Shepherd/Care Giver       Low Priority – Not important; little or no impact on call. List two to four roles. 1. Administrator      2. Community Leader      3. Ritual Overseer      Major Needs of Church Requiring Attention 1. Attracting Young Families      2. Strong Preaching      3. Growing the Church      4. Inspiration/Encouragement to the Congregation      Personal Strengths (spiritual, emotional, social) 1. Strong Expository Preaching      2. Caring/Loves People      3. Strong Personal Prayer/Bible Study      4. Strong Personal Character      5. Passionate for the Church/Ministry      Other Significant Considerations to the Call of Next Pastor 1. Good Communicator      2. Younger/W/Children      3. Gifted to grow the Church            List the church’s most significant strengths/resources: a. Faithful members who want to see people come to Christ       b. Friendly and caring people       c. Strong missions emphasis and strong heritage       d. Praying people       e. Believers focused on the Word     List the church’s most significant opportunities: a. Many young families associated with the church       b. Leadership who wants to see people come to faith in Christ       c. Leadership who wants to see the church grow       d. Partnering with community ministries       e. Retired missionaries willing to minister in the church          Description of facilities: Church (sanctuary for 300), Fellowship Hall/Gym, Kitchen, Lounge, several acres for expansion. Church parsonage (considering selling), 2015 church van. Everything is debt free.      Ministries: • Sunday Morning-Sunday School (Children and Adult) 9:30am, Worship-10:45am, Evening Worship 6:00pm, Wednesday 11:00am Prayer Meeting       • List other key ministries/programs. Mens/Womens Bible Study Wednesday Evenings at 6:30, Great Commission Womens Meeting Monthly       • Describe present worship form(s)/style(s). Blended-Traditional/Contemporary         As a leadership we realize it will take time for a Pastor to come in and grow our church. We also know he cannot do it on his own, and we are very willing to work alongside him to accomplish his vision. We want to support him in building relationships and trust with the congregation. As he is passionate for the ministry we want to help him develop ownership with the congregation for the building up of the Christ's Kingdom through our church.


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