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The Outpost Church of Weaverville needs: 1. A man of deep prayer – we believe we inch forward on our knees 2. Someone who is not afraid to leave the office and go talk to people in the community. 3. As we pray, we continue to picture a retired missionary – a. Trinity County is more like a mission field than a typical American city/town b. The money we have to pay at this time would make a nice supplement to a retirement c. We don’t picture someone terribly young i. We’ve done the whole “train up a pastor” thing and it hasn’t been a lasting fit. ii. We have techy-teens who can handle website updates and social media…we don’t need a pastor with those skills. iii. We have musicians, so we’re not looking for a paid professional to come in and make a church service look amazing Weaverville is located 42 miles west of Redding, CA on Hwy 299 and is the county seat of Trinity County, the 4th least-populous county in California at just over 13,000 residents. Trinity River and Lake provide easy access to fishing, boating and rafting and the Trinity Alps, along with additional gentler grades, offer spectacular views for hikers of all ages and abilities. Statistics show the county to be 87% white. The last 3-5 years have seen an overwhelming influx of marijuana growers and the homeless, resulting in an area in desperate need of the transforming love of Christ. A prospective pastor needs to be advised that, while The Outpost is located in Weaverville proper, we minister to neighboring townships ranging from primarily 8-15 and potentially 30-50 miles in 4 directions. A prospective pastor’s wife needs to be aware that, while we have a Holiday Market locally, budget-friendly shopping (Costco, Winco) and department stores (Macy’s, JCPenney, Kohl’s) are a 1-hr drive over Buckhorn Mountain. If interested, contact Kent Cox,


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