Church Planting Apprentice


South Atlantic District C&MA

Church of the Christian & Missionary Alliance Church Size: 75 with a reach of 150+ Commitment: Co-vocational (24-30 Hrs/week) for 3 years. Either Greenhouse or ALME Opportunity. Role Overview: We are a growing missional church gathering in a city in North Carolina. We are seeking a servant-leader single or couple who is a(are) team player(s) and will help us reach a new area of our city while helping to oversee the care and making of disciples in a new missional HOPE Community and contained Fellowships & Cells. In addition to this you will be responsible for the oversight of our Youth Discipleship. Our gathered community is multi-generational and multi-ethnic. Purpose, Mission & Values: Our Purpose: To Know Christ Jesus & make Him known as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Near & Coming King. Our Mission: Revealing Christ, Restoring Hope, Reclaiming Lives at every Crosspointe of Meaning & Wholeness. Our missional DNA: Welcome Home – Orient to Christ – Progress Together – Extend Life Everlasting Thus, being a community of Vulnerable Trust & Diversity; the Presence of Christ; Truth & Purpose; Grace & Peace. Responsible to: The Ministry Resident (MR) will be responsible to and work in conjunction with the Senior Leader. Function of Role: The primary function and existence of the Ministry Resident role is to glorify God by spreading the gospel through relational evangelism & disciple-marking, making, maturing & multiplying as well as creating caring community environments that champion the Kingdom of Heaven as expressed in our missional DNA & disciple characteristics; allowing for the church to grow to become a network of intentional disciples of Jesus Christ who love God with all their hearts, souls & strength, and their neighbors as themselves. This role is both functional & developmental and will take the Ministry Resident along a developmental pathway to prepare the Resident for healthy, Spirit-filled future ministry & mission. Responsibilities: • Growing disciple of Jesus Christ: an intercessor & prayer warrior; a disciplined learner who walks in pace with the Spirit, thus knowing & operating in your Calling Giftedness, & Spiritual Grace Gifts; heaven-focused; able to coach others, offer solutions, & create culture; a growing communicator who has a high priority in building trusting relationships; able to work collaboratively with a team, and competently accomplishing all duties & assignments as given to the best of your Spirit-filled ability. • Community Pastor - As an under-shepherd, helps to oversee a HOPE Community (missional upper room community – 40-50% of role) including: o Member Care and Relational Evangelism: along with the Community Elders. Developing relationships with HC members including Neighbors; provide spiritual/emotional support for HC members; conduct limited number of spiritual direction appointments; and pray, visit & organize care for the sick/hospitalized. o Operations: Handles most of the day to day operations of a HOPE Community. Stewardship of leaders, finances and resources, and logistics of organized and spontaneous weekly schedule and other events. Works with Community Elders, Deacons (Specialists) to do the work of the ministry/mission. o Equipper: Develops leaders and knows how to help them get to the next level. Along with Community Elders oversees the deepening, care & development of the Fellowship Leaders & Specialists in your HOPE Community pointing them to mission. o Fellowships & Cells – Be intentional about disciple-marking, making, maturing & multiplying through developing the 7 disciple characteristics/rhythms from our missional DNA. Work with the Men’s, Women’s & Youth Discipleship leaders to organize Fire Cells as part of the Fellowships you oversee. Uses Journey Guidebooks to multiply disciples making disciples. o Community Elder Couple – Along with your wife, participate in Elder Team meetings and responsibilities as appropriate. • Youth Discipleship Oversight - 40% – With the guidance of the SL, fostering community environments that champion our missional DNA for our Youth. Develop a Disciple Pathway for the youth. Expand the reach of the Gospel through loving youth and making new connections with youth in schools and neighborhoods around us. • Preaching & Teaching – Spend time in preparation, prayer and Study of the Word so that it dwells in you richly. Be a part of the preaching team and be available to speak as necessary and/or in the rotation. • Ongoing Development: Grow in character congruence(integrity) and develop new personal & professional skills. Become a licensed, and ordained/consecrated worker in the Alliance within the next 3 years. Qualities: Christ-Centered, wholehearted, clear sense of calling & focused, loves the church, humble, honest & truthful, honoring of others, relational, friendly, forgiving & gracious, encourager, delegator. Has a balanced lifestyle, organized, temperate, adaptive, faithful & persevering, sacrificial, Kingdom-oriented. Commitment: To Jesus, the Alliance, the local church, and agrees with and supports the purpose, mission, vision & values of our church and the Alliance’s Statement of Faith. Compensation: Co-vocational. Please inquire for more details.


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