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Ideal Candidate: A. The following is what the Board of Elders of the Alliance Church of Quartzsite, believe is the basis for the the best candidate to fill the Youth Pastor position. Some of these ideals are based on what has worked in the past, while others are ideals that we believe will lead to a better working relationship between the pastors. B. The ideal candidate for the position of Youth Pastor of the Alliance Church of Quartzsite are as follows: 1. Young Married Couple. (Straight out of college or recently graduated are encouraged) 2. Both are believers, and both are ministry minded. 3. Agree whole heartedly with the Statement of Faith of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Agree whole heartedly with the Bylaws of the Alliance Church of Quartzsite. 4. Live a godly lifestyle in both a professional and personal setting. 5. Willing to build upon the work of the pervious youth pastors. 6. Keep our philosophy of “Play, Make Their Day, Be There, and Choose Your Attitude.” When interacting with teens. 7. Be Theologically grounded. 8. Be Willing to be accredited/licensed with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. 9. Be Willing to make a 5 year commitment to the ministry of the Quartzsite Alliance Church. II. Our Goal A. The Minister of Youth will seek to impact the teens and children of the town of Quartzsite. Outreach to those who are not believers in Christ, and an strong emphasis on disciple making are two non-negotiable aspects of ministry. The future Youth Pastor will seek to accomplish both. B. We strive to be motivated by God’s love, to lift in him up in daily worship, locating and meeting the needs of our community, all the while pointing people to His life. We desire that the life of children, teens, and adults be integrated into one church community where all participate. The Youth Pastor will be one of the facilitators to this goal. III. Qualifications: A. An acknowledgement that Jesus Christ is your Lord and Savior. B. A desire to continue a strong, committed, and mature relationship with Christ. C. An excitement and interest in teaching youth about God. D. A Bachelor’s degree in ministry. E. Experience in youth ministry. F. Pass a background check. G. Have a Valid Driver’s License IV. Compensation: A. $24,000 annual salary; paid every two weeks. B. Housing provided. C. Cell Phone provided. D. 2 weeks vacation a year during the “off-season.” E. A monthly health stipend of $500 added at the start of the 2nd year of work. V. Ministry Calendar: A. Weekly: 1. Regular Office Hours - 9am-12pm Tuesday-Saturday 2. Fridays - Youth Wreck Night, 6pm-8:30pm 3. Saturdays - Youth Work Projects (as scheduled) 4. Sundays - Worship Service(s); Sunday School, 9:30am; Youth Bible Study, 6pm-8pm B. Quarterly: 1/2 Night Outreach Events, 6pm-12am C. Yearly: In-Town Trip/VBC D. Biannually: Out-of-Town Trips - Winter Camp & Camping/Missions VI. Ministry Expectations: A. Continue developing your personal relationship with God, this being your primary responsibility. B. Keep your family life healthy, making sure that you have a sabbath (a day off) separate from Sunday. C. Pastor’s are on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Be prepared for the rigorous schedule. D. Weekly meetings with the Lead Pastor and Children’s Director (as available) E. Presentation to the Board of Ministries (Outreach coordination) and the Board of Elders. F. Keep regular office hours of 9am-12pm, while understanding that this does not include all the hours that it takes to run a ministry. G. Foster relationships with students in the midst of programs, events, and Bible studies. H. Build relationships with students; Have relational skills and service orientation. Have fun while looking for ways to stay energized. I. Be flexible, take initiative, self-starter, team player and a problem solver. J. Be able to work independently, willing to grow and be challenged. K. Develop skills in preaching, teaching, and counseling. L. Work under the leadership of the Lead Pastor and the Board of Elders. M. Develop fundraisers to fund all youth activities. N. Apparel: Business casual clothes (polo/button up shirt, denim/slacks, dress shoes) on Sunday mornings. All other times would be appropriate casual. VII. Student Ministry Responsibilities and Duties: A. Build upon the work of the previous youth pastor. B. Develop, promote and coordinate a balanced program of activities and discipleship ministry to youth, that accomplish the vision of the Alliance Church. C. Continue the Teen Leadership Program that seeks to develop interested youth in their leadership abilities. This includes teaching them how to counsel, preach, teach, and run small groups. D. Involve youth and youth leaders in outreach and discipleship to reach unsaved youth. E. Plan and execute two out-of-town trips, (i.e. Winter Camp, Summer Camp/Missions Trip) F. Plan and execute one in-town, week long, outreach and VBS trip. G. Plan and execute quarterly 1/2 night outreaches. H. Involve youth in ministry and missions projects. I. Be available for counseling. J. Support youth in their school setting. K. Have a valid driver’s license. L. Drive church vans for Sunday mornings, and for youth events/activities. M. Be available to parents to discuss issues related to their child or youth ministry. N. Enlist volunteers to aid in the ministry. O. Lead regular leadership meetings with youth leaders. P. Draw up a yearly budget for youth ministry and present it to the Elder Board. Q. Be available to fill the pulpit, conduct funerals, assist in hospital visitations, etc. in the pastor’s absence. R. Assist in and serve as a resource person to the Children’s Ministry, overseeing the Hideaway Street program (puppet ministry). S. Perform other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor. T. Organize and Run the Hideaway Street Puppet Program on Sundays. U. Have Fun doing it.


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