Senior Pastor, who can work with one or two full-time staff


Western PA District C&MA

The Greenville Alliance Church is seeking a senior pastor. From the beginning, the Greenville Alliance Church has been committed to sending the gospel around the world through the Great Commission Fund, supporting it financially and prayerfully. Our specific vision of the church is to love God, love others, reach and teach others to do the same. Specific examples: • Our local outreach through His Work His Way, Good Shephard, Clothes Closet, and the Salvation Army. • Our global outreach through Great Commission Fund, and we also play a significant role in Samaritans purse, including the Christmas shoe boxes Over the past decade or so, our church has expanded more into the community. Ministries such as His Work His Way, Neighbor to Neighbor, and supporting Good Shephard along with the Salvation Army are some examples of this. When asking a random sample of Greenville residents, the majority said that they relate our church with the His Work His Way ministry. Purpose/vision/mission of the church: To build spiritual growth within the church family To support and encourage healthy families To know, understand and apply God’s word To develop healthy intergenerational relationships To live Godly lives with a sense of community The elders are the spiritual leaders of the church. This includes vigilant prayer, visiting the sick and praying over them, and making sure the church is being taught the word of God. PASTORAL EXPECTATIONS: Prioritize the way you want your pastor to spend his time and energy. (1=most important to 9=least important) 1 Preaching 2 Prayer and Bible Study 2 Lay-leadership development 2 Shepherding 2 Disciple Making 6 Counseling 7 Evangelism 8 World missions 9 Administration What style of pastoral leadership is needed for your church at this time? Apostle Barnabas--------------------------------------|--------------------------------------Apostle Paul Explain: We would lean on the side closer to the Apostle Paul. At this time, our church needs someone who raise leaders in the congregation along with developing leadership’s qualities within the staff. What are three important personality characteristics for the next Senior Pastor? 1. Extroverted—not an absolute by any means, but with the dynamic of our congregation, an extroverted personality would be beneficial to connect with everyone. 2. Servant Leader—for specifically, a leader within the staff who is consistently upholding staff policy. Accountability has been an issue in the past, and is something that the new Senior Pastor will have to work with staff on. 3. Consistent- it’s important that no matter what issues happen within a day, we are always looking to fulfill the vision of the church. What criteria would you use to measure a good work week for your pastor? 1. Working constructively with the staff and feeling like everyone is on the same page. 2. Listening to God’s direction and following where he is leading. 3. Feeling energized for the staff, board, and congregation. The elders meet on a monthly basis with the Pastor, along with other special meetings throughout the year. The relationship has been good in the past.


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