Youth/Student Ministries


Central District C&MA

The Student Pastor oversees a ministry that seeks to give every 7th grade through 12th grade student in our area a repeated opportunity to hear, see, and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Student Pastor reports to the Lead Pastor and Official Board. Primary Responsibilities Maintain and pursue a personal relationship with Christ. Regular Prayer and Bible Study for self and family. Teaching and lead family in personal growth. Service and Evangelism unrelated to vocational expectations ( Reaching out to neighbors, etc.) Youth Participation Establish an overall program that engages and empowers Jr. and Sr. students in ministry, increasing in quantity and quality. Develop and Institute a strategy for connecting with Students in the community and church body that can be taught and reproduced by other adults and students. Community Intentional Effort to connect with School leaders, coaches, etc. Be visible and get to know students outside of the Hope Student Ministry and taking advantage of strategic opportunities, looking for ways to serve. Church Know the names of youth and parent on the rolls. Personally e-mail, call, and seek to connect with inactive students and parents, building bridges of relationship. Personally connect with each youth on the youth list at least quarterly. Spend face-to-face time with every student in the youth directory at least once a year. Be visible at student events - at least two school campuses a week (various school campuses) & invite volunteer leaders to accompany you at those visits as they are able. Make home visits (or have over to your home) with new families at Hope who have teens. Follow up with first time visitors at student ministry program within 24 – 48 hours. Volunteer Leader Development Develop and institute a strategy for recruiting, training, and empowering youth ministry volunteers on ongoing bases, that can be reproduced by others. Insure that all weekly youth ministry volunteers complete a safe place application. Be involved in the lives of youth volunteer staff and hold regular meetings for planning and prayer. Event Planning Plan Monthly or Bi-monthly strategic outreach events, seasonal retreats, Summer mission trip experiences, and discipleship initiatives. Youth Ministry Team Develop a strategy to identify and develop student leaders, by spending personal time with them individually and as a group. Church Staff / Administration Coordination Prepare a Monthly Board Report. Meet monthly with lead pastor. Meet weekly with whole staff. Develop and distribute important documents in a timely fashion (Youth Ministry Calendar, Event and Trip registration Forms, etc). Ensure that the “in-between the cracks” needs of the youth ministry are handled in a professional and timely manner, including: (Newsletters, Bulletin, attendance, and forms and registration. ) Troubleshooting Troubleshoot problems in the youth ministry in a way that honors the concerns of those who bring them, and offer timely, creative solutions to problems in the youth ministry. Other Parents Keep good communication with Parents. (i.e. monthly emails, quarterly parent gatherings, newsletters, etc.) Strategically equip, inform, and work with parents of teens, teaching them proper standards for teens, how to communicate with teens, etc.. Attending Sunday morning worship, regularly visible in one service through out the year District Conference Attending and involved in church special events as available. Initiative-Taking Seeking to be informed about any special victories, concerns, hospitalizations being faced by the youth and his or her family and, as often as reasonable, pass that information on to the youth leaders for personal follow up. Share with lead pastors victories, concerns, and challenges as they happen. thanking volunteers and helping out with clean up, and enjoyed afterglow with key volunteers and youth staff Pastoral care for youth and their families, as opportunities arise. Participating in C&MA conferences as often as practical Preparation and personal development. Reading at least two Christian books a year Reading at least one strategic youth ministry book a year. Attending at least one week of continuing education / conference each year (funding provided by Hope Student Ministry) Take one full day off a week and vacations each year.


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