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Assistant Pastor of Worship and Discipleship The Assistant Pastor of Worship and Discipleship at the Upper St. Clair Alliance Church is a full-time, salaried position assisting the Lead Pastor in leading several key areas of Worship and Adult Discipleship Ministries. The final details of the job description will be tailored to the unique passions and skills of the successful candidate. Skill Set: The Assistant Pastor of Worship and Discipleship will be a ministry generalist able to lead leaders and oversee various elements of the overall ministry of Upper St Clair Alliance Church in support of the Lead Pastor. This leader must be able to communicate clearly, administrate teams and projects, and support in providing pastoral care for the congregation. He must be “above reproach”, humble, teachable, and responsible in his affairs and leadership of the church. • Ability to lead leaders, shepherd volunteers, and oversee various elements of the overall ministry of Upper St. Clair Alliance Church in support of the Lead Pastor. • Ability to communicate clearly. • Ability to give and receive direction with grace and mercy. • Demonstrated competency in theology and music for leading the church in corporate singing in a relevant and contextual manner. • General knowledge of audio, lighting, and technical elements necessary to produce and live-stream worship services. Experience & Educational Qualifications: • Musical proficiency. • Competent to instruct and lead other vocalists and instrumentalists. • Comfortable in leading worship bands with excellence in a small/medium church-size setting. • Possesses competent general Bible knowledge, specifically in spiritual leadership and demonstrates the application of the gospel to daily life. • Bachelor’s degree preferred as a minimum educational requirement. Duties and Responsibilities: Corporate Worship: • Recruit, train, and schedule Worship Team members. • Give spiritual oversight and leadership to all team members. • Plan the music, flow, and instrumentation for each worship service. In concert with the Lead Pastor, select songs and other elements based on message focus, season, etc. Coordinate transitions and special elements with the Lead Pastor. • Use Planning Center Online to enter the worship plan, upload/update songs as needed, enter scheduled participants, including tech team members, and communicate the schedule to all participants. • Lead two weekly worship rehearsals, one being prior to the service on Sunday morning. • Set up the stage. • Create the MediaShout script (lyric and other elements slide) and enter it into the auditorium PC. • Oversee Tech Team and online streaming. • Develop and oversee an annual budget for Worship Ministries. Discipleship: • Develop and maintain a systematic plan for assimilation of guests, regular attenders, and members into the discipleship pipeline for the purpose of spiritual growth and a deeper sense of community. • Develop and maintain an enthusiastic welcome team (ushers, greeters, etc.) who understand and embrace their role in the assimilation process. • Develop and maintain an annual plan that enables the continuous growth and improvement of Adult Discipleship Groups (LIFE Groups, Adult Bible Fellowships, and Adult Bible Studies) and increases the involvement of the congregation. • Implement methods or recruiting Adult Discipleship Group leaders and participants. • Foster a strong, active, growth and recruiting-focused network of leaders, members, and individuals interested in becoming part of the Adult Discipleship Group ministry. • Plan and execute regular group leader training and appreciation events, assisting the growth of a healthy body of leaders who will in turn help grow a strong Adult Discipleship Group ministry. • Plan and execute Adult Discipleship Group connection events as a means of bridging the gap between attractional environments and growth environments. • Identify, develop, and/or select group curriculum and other study materials and tools. • Work with the Communications Coordinator to create promotional materials and communication methods that increase awareness of the purpose, importance, and availability of the Adult Discipleship Group ministry. • Develop and oversee the annual budget for Adult Discipleship Ministries. • Maintain records of key metrics pertaining to church growth, retention, and engagement. Contact: Maralee Malingowski (412) 835-4775


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